The days are numbered! The insistent criticizes the Chivas board for not incorporating reinforcements to the Clausura 2023

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The main squad of Chivas de Guadalajara continued the concentration in Barra de Navidad this Wednesday, but on social networks there is constant criticism of the rojiblanca board for not incorporating reinforcements yet. What is it about?

The rojiblanca fans have been constant in their criticism and have even gone on a counter for days without reinforcements in Chivas
© IMAGO7The rojiblanca fans have been constant in their criticism and have even gone on a counter for days without reinforcements in Chivas

The 29 members of the available squad of Chivas de Guadalajara continued the concentration this Wednesday preseason in the coastal town of Barra de Navidad, but on social networks there has been a constant and insistent criticizes the rojiblanca board of directors for not incorporating reinforcements yet in the transfer market with a view to the Clausura 2023 Tournament of Liga MX.

The main squad of the Sacred Flock, for its part, completed a new double batch of training sessions this Wednesday in the facilities of the concentration hotel on the Jalisco coast, to continue with the preparations for the extensive pre-season of almost two months or exactly 53 days, to the debut against Rayados de Monterrey at the BBVA de Acero Stadium, corresponding to Matchday 1 of the Clausura 2023.

The Chivas coaching staff, since taking over the reins of the main squad, has dedicated itself to carrying out an in-depth process of evaluation and analysis of each of the members of its current squad, with the objective of defining both its line-up and the key positions to be reinforced as well as the elements that will make up the list of transferables in the upcoming transfer market for the Clausura 2023. But on social networks, there is already despair and criticism for the absence of quality additions to the payroll.

The chivahermana fans who interact on social networks have maintained a constant criticism against the sports board, led by Fernando Hierro, who is in Qatar before the null movement that he has had in the current transfer market for the Clausura 2023 and the claims were initiated by the renowned journalist Erick López, correspondent for the TUDN network in the Pearl of the West, who It has been counting the days in which they have not presented reinforcements in the Akron Stadium after the elimination in the past Opening 2022.

The well-known TUDN reporter, in his personal Twitter account, said: “A lot of definition work in the preseason for Rebaño and Toño Rodríguez, Wacho Jiménez and Tala Rangel demanding the maximum. Days away from being eliminated by Puebla. THE REINFORCEMENTS NEGOTIATED FROM QATAR BY FERNANDO HIERRO HAVE NOT ARRIVED YET“. Another user, a follower of Guadalajara, joined the protest and shortly before warned that they are going: “Almost 45 days since @Chivas was eliminated in the repechage… The boss and the Sports Director in Qatar and I doubt that seeing reinforcements… the coaching staff continues to work with the squad plus those who returned from loans to define who will stay“.

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