The day Octavio Ocaña went to TODAY, but Galilea Montijo’s son STOLE his camera

Since last October 29, the day the young actor unfortunately lost his life Octavio Ocana, has been remembered in the media for his multiple appearances in various programs, such as a morning broadcast Today, same to which Mateo Reina was invited, child from the driver Galilea Montijo and who finished stealing camera with his charisma.

The presenter has been part of the cast of the hit Televisa morning for several years, so on many occasions her family has been invited to participate, and it is her child one of those who has made him see his luck the most on various occasions, showing that he is a little boy with great ingenuity and spontaneity.

Mateo is currently 9 years old, and is the result of the relationship of Galilee, 48, with the politician, athlete and businessman Fernando Reina Iglesias, whom she married on August 6, 2011, in Acapulco, Guerrero state.

Mateo is currently 9 years old. Photo: Special

Galilea Montijo’s son stole Octavio Ocaña’s camera

On the occasion of his passing, Octavio has been remembered in many of the programs of the San Ángel television station, in which he stood out for his role as Benito rivers in the comedy series “Neighbors”, to which he belonged for more than 10 seasons and maintained the affection of the public since he was a child.

To promote the fifth season of the successful program, Ocaña was invited to the Hoy program, where he was seen living with the drivers and even participating in some games, such as Think Quick and Fíjate Bien, and it was precisely in the latter where the son of Galilee ended up stealing his camera.

In the video that shows the broadcast of the morning of April 18, 2019, it is observed how the actor and Mateo Reina are the first to pass to face each other in the game, in this they had to remember the details of a scene and then answer a question made by the conductor Raúl Araiza.

When it was his turn to answer, the son of the famous driver was faster than Octavio and he pressed the button, but his answer was not correct, to which the other drivers and members of the team he represented asked that he be given another chance for being a child.

Thus the little Matthew He ended up getting help from his mother and fellow host Andrea Escalona, ​​daughter of the show’s late producer, Magda Rodríguez. Finally, the little of Montijo He gave the correct answer, but not before showing his acting skills and imitating that he was crying so that they would give him another chance.


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