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Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán is imprisoned in one of the highest security prisons. Guzmán was sentenced in July 2019 to life in prison by a New York state court.

In his prime, his name was synonymous with “power,” but in November 2018 he had to ask a United States judge for permission to hug his wife, Emma Coronel.

The then defendant was seeking a “humanitarian gesture”, since since 2016 he had been prohibited from receiving visits from his wife, who attended almost all of his court hearings. He was also prohibited from speaking to her on the phone from prison, where he was kept in isolation for 23 hours a day.

According to a note published by the medium InfobaeGuzmán could only be visited by his lawyers and his daughters through glass. One of his lawyers wrote a petition to the judge in the case, Brian Cogan: he stated that Guzmán wanted to give his wife “a brief and momentary greeting that may include a hug.”

“It can be a brief hug in court in front of everyone, separated by the barrier. The entire process would not take more than a couple of seconds, ”the petition said.

“It is not reasonable to infer that a momentary greeting, made under the gaze of US marshals, could present a risk that Guzmán escapes from court or even passes messages to his wife,” the lawyer insisted.

Other arguments pointed out that the man’s health had deteriorated almost entirely due to his isolation, and that Guzmán had maintained “exemplary” behavior despite the conditions.

Judge Brian Cogan was quick to make a decision: a couple of days later he denied his request to greet and hug his wife before starting his trial.

He stated that he personally sympathized with the petition, but court bailiffs argued that agreeing would contradict “all the security procedures that have been implemented” around Joaquín Guzmán.

Also that it would mean a differentiated treatment with respect to other prisoners captured under high security methods.

The drug trafficker was sentenced in July 2019 to life in prison and 30 years in prison for the 10 crimes for which he was charged in a New York state court.

Appeal the sentence

On October 25, his lawyers presented arguments before an appeals court to annul the conviction.

The arguments have already been presented before the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second District, located in Manhattan, New York, seeking to reverse the sentence and have him subjected to a new trial.

“They cornered us in the trial to defend a client like mine, his case can set a precedent for the next Chapo, this man is innocent,” Marc Fernich, Guzmán’s lawyer, told a panel of three federal judges.

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