The ‘cyber sanction’ of Russia, the Oracle scandal and other technological news

Apple explained that VKontakte's mobile service publishers were controlled by entities sanctioned by London, so the accounts of these developers were blocked and their applications can no longer be downloaded in any country.

Apple explained that VKontakte’s mobile service publishers were controlled by entities sanctioned by London, so the accounts of these developers were blocked and their applications can no longer be downloaded in any country.

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Russia responds to ‘cyber sanction’

Western digital giants have fared pretty poorly with Russia since the start of the Ukraine invasion, and once again Apple “leads the pack.” The Russian communications regulator, Roscomnadzor, demanded explanations from the firm of the bitten apple for its decision to remove the VK company’s applications from its virtual store.

Among many other applications, VK is the parent company of VKontakte, the Russian Facebook.

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Roscomnadzor jealously guards access to VKontakte, considering it to be one of the “socially important free computing resources in Russia”.

According to Russian law, VKontakte, along with, is included in the list of applications that must be pre-installed on smartphones in Russia.

Twitter vs Musk: Ready and Fight!

The two corners are already preparing. We are talking about Twitter and Elon Musk, who addressed the content that will be used soon in the trial for the purchase of the social network.

The tycoon was not present at this “face to face” and the interrogation scheduled for this week was postponed to October 6 and 7.

Those who did exchange blows were the lawyers of both parties, who got into an argument over the data and information that the other party must deliver in the face of the trial that will start on October 18 in Delaware.

Twitter wants Musk to pay the 44,000 million dollars he promised for the network, but the billionaire no longer wants to pay them for the data, according to what he says, “unclear” of the little blue bird’s network. Will Twitter open its register to receive Musk’s 44 billion? We’ll see.

Fintech “fly” in Argentina

A technological sector that has had a special boom in Latin America is fintech, 100% virtual companies that operate in different fields.

And in the face of this boom, an increase in the labor force is necessary. In Argentina, fintechs project to reach 27,000 jobs by the end of this year.

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According to a study by the Argentine Fintech Chamber in conjunction with Great Place to Work, the sector that groups financial activities based on technology currently employs 23,548 people.

According to the study, 42% of fintech positions are held by women, which shows an improvement of five points compared to the previous year.

Be good, Oracle!

US software maker Oracle will have to hand over $23 million to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for bribing foreign officials in exchange for doing business.

The SEC accuses Oracle subsidiaries in Turkey, India, and the United Arab Emirates of creating and using “illicit funds” to bribe government workers.

To make matters worse, in the case of Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, the SEC discovered that part of the funds were used to pay for the officials and their families to travel to technology conferences or excursions to California.

Oracle did not deny it, but it did not refute it either and will pay the fine.

Nubank’s “millionaire” clientele in Latin America

The idea that the Colombian David Vélez, the Brazilian Cristina Junqueira and the American Edward Wible once had now has more than 70 million clients in the region.

This is Nubank, considered the largest digital bank in Latin America, whose majority of clients are in Brazil, where it concentrates 66.4 million accounts. Brazil is followed by Mexico, with 3.2 million, and Colombia, with 400,000.

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Nubank is seen as one of the largest fintechs in the world, with shares traded on Wall Street and Sao Paulo, and with a credit portfolio of $9.2 billion as of June.

Brand new with Amazon

In terms of news, Amazon is not far behind and this time surprised with a remote control assisted by the voice of Alexa and renewed Echo Dot speakers.

The new Alexa Pro control introduces the “remote finder” function (in case it gets lost) and two new buttons to directly access functions.

New to the Echo Dot speakers is that they now feature a digital clock, and the audio architecture has been redesigned to add custom range control.

Christie’s: “Who offers more for this priceless… NFT”

It seems that everyone is already understanding that the future of art is in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and Christie’s auction house has decisively entered the wave. The company launched Christie’s 3.0, a platform exclusively dedicated to NFT auctions, and did so with nine works by 18-year-old Diana Sinclair.

Sinclair’s works will be open to users who have a digital wallet and bid on them with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. All digital.

For Christie’s this NFT is nothing new, since last year it sold a work by the American artist Beeple for a record 69 million dollars. Start the auction!

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