The curious way Juan Soto got number 22 with the Padres

The reliever Nick Martínez was using the twenty-two that the Dominican belonged to with the Nationals

It’s not uncommon when a player switched to a new team, especially a star, tries to wear the same number that has identified him throughout his career.

Sometimes, they find the small inconvenience that the number on the shirt is already being used and then negotiations begin to obtain it, either for sentimental reasons or for marketing purposes.

This happened to the gardener John Soto when he was traded from the Washington Nationals to the San Diego Padres where his customary number 22 was found to be worn by reliever Nick Martinez.

He tried to make it a boat. Something like a fishing boat. He really surprised me, because he hadn’t seen anything like it.”, Soto joked at a press conference about Martínez’s request to give up #22.

During his formal presentation as a Padre, Soto expressed that he had seen how other players try to negotiate the numbers and what they give in return but that the request of the 5-year right-hander in the league left him surprised.

“When he asked me for a boat I was totally shocked and surprised. I think he asked too much, I tried to explain that she would get him some nice watch and he accepted it. I will try to make it work, ”he said with a smile on the Dominican’s face, which caused laughter from all those present.

His teammate Josh Bell, also at the presentation press conference, joked with Soto and said that “it was worth trying,” referring to Martínez’s request.

“That number means a lot to me. It means a lot to him (Soto). Too bad I’m not a unique player and generational talent”, Nick Martinez told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“I started high, and then I went down (a Rolex). If we win the World Series, I’ll probably forget about it. And he’s definitely a guy that can help us win the World Series.”

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