The curious viral trick so that the surfaces of your house are not filled with dust

It is a very simple home recommendation to execute so that your house always looks impeccable

In order to prevent viruses and infections, so common in these times, eliminating house dust is the battle of every day; because these microorganisms float in the air and settle on most objects.

In this sense, in social networks, a curious trick has become viral that generates effective results to keep your surfaces clean for much longer.

The protagonist of the moment is a young cleaning fanatic, who goes by the name of Manjeet and uses her TikTok account (@mrsjohalshome) to give domestic advice.

According to one of the most recent publications of the famous tiktoker, the ultimate key to keeping surfaces shiny and dust-free is: baby oil.

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In the video, Manjeet details that this product is excellent for cleaning chrome or stainless steel spaces, such as: tables, exterior of refrigerators and trim. However, the expert also uses it to shine a leather jacket.

Many of the netizens refuted the recommendation because it is a greasy liquid, to which she replied that the cleaning cycle must be completed with a dry microfiber cloth.

“To ensure that the surface does not remain sticky, it is necessary to remove the excess by wiping it with a microfiber cloth or a kitchen towel,” he emphasized.

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In this way, you will better amortize the time you spend cleaning your house. In addition to that, the oil delays the appearance of dust, preventing it from settling on different surfaces.

Remember that ornate decorations collect dust, it is better to be simple, with few things and leaving the corners free.

Whereas, if you have a lot of rugs, don’t forget to vacuum them; as they seem to have a magnet for dust and bacteria. Avoid them in children’s bedrooms.

On the other hand, your upholstered furniture, curtains and other elements that have fabric and that cannot be disassembled, removed or replaced, must also be constantly vacuumed.

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