The cruel meme that psychologically affected Chloë Grace Moretz

A paparazzi photo and a chapter of “Family Guy” about it did great damage to the actress, who suffered from body dysmorphia.

One of the rising young figures in the world of Hollywood is the American Chloë Grace Moretz.

The 25-year-old interpreter first became known for her roles, as a girl in films like “500 Days of Summer” and “Kick Ass”, but when she was older she stood out as “The Widow” or “Suspiria”.

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However, in her short days the artist has already had to face a difficult situation, all thanks to a meme. A photo of her with a pizza in her hand entering a hotel with tacos and in her shorts went viral for supposedly giving the impression that she had very long legs in relation to her torso. The image was even parodied by the series “Family Guy”which made the situation worse.

The cruel meme that psychologically affected Chloë Grace Moretz: "I became a recluse"

“For a long time I was able to be the Chloë that people see and the Chloë that I am in private. Suddenly those two worlds collided and I felt very vulnerable. And then came the onslaught of horrible memes that began to be sent all over my body. In fact, I have never talked about this, but there was a meme that really affected me,” explained Grace Moretz in an interview with Hunter magazine cited by El País.

The jokes about her body made the young woman become a “recluse” and avoid going out so as not to meet paparazzi. All this stress of hers made him suffer body dysmorphia: “I think body dysmorphia, which we all deal with in this society, is magnified by exposure on social media,” she said, adding that every time she saw a photographer near her “she would get palpitations and hyperventilate.”

Grace Moretz confided that the arrival of COVID-19 gave her a breather to be able to control the situation, although at that time she also had to suffer the death of her father, which was not related to the disease: “To say that recent years have been transformative is an understatement. I’m a completely different girl than I was before. Now I feel like I’m a woman,” she said.

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