The Crown: Season 1 Story Where The Netflix Drama Is Lying

The Crown was an audience success and a real scandal from the first moment it was released. Although the series ensures that enough has been documented to bring the history of British royalty to the screens, the truth is that there are many of its plots that are not true.

The creators of The Crown have been emphatic in recent weeks in pointing out that the drama of Netflix is a work of fiction and as such there will be a lot of creative license throughout the show. The season 5 It will surely show some of these licenses, however there are many others in the previous installments of the program that, although they are not true, have impacted the viewers.

The Crown reveals many of the stories that were a scandal for royalty

There is a specific story that was a real scandal at the time for The Crown, even though there was no historical evidence to show that it had happened as the series showed it. However, it had an impact on the way people looked at royalty that ultimately upset the crown in many ways.

That story of The Crown is that of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend who makes Queen Elizabeth II look like a cold woman. The first two seasons showed the beautiful actress vanessa kirby as a young Princess Margaret who has a secret affair with Captain Peter Townsend, who used to work for her father.

After Townsend’s divorce, he and Princess Margaret share their intention to marry at The Crown. However, the reaction to the couple’s plans is really explosive due to Townsend’s status as a divorced man, which leads according to the series to a conflict between the princess, Parliament and her sister who supposedly threatened her with exile. .

Princess Margaret had an affair with Peter Townsed that in The Crown was a source of contention between her and Queen Elizabeth II

The real-life story behind this plot played out quite differently. The Queen wanted her sister to marry Townsend and even worked out an agreement with the Prime Minister that allowed Margaret to keep her titles and perform her duties., as documented in documents from the National Archives. The only thing he would have given up is his succession rights and those of his future children.

This view of the Queen was detailed in a letter sent by anthony eden, a former prime minister of the United Kingdom, to other community leaders in which he assured that Queen Elizabeth II did not want to stand in the way of her sister’s happiness. This is in stark contrast to the Queen’s icy reaction in The Crown.

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