The complicated background of Club América in Liguilla against Pachuca

Monday, May 16, 2022

Last Saturday the America club secured their pass to the Semifinal after eliminating Puebla in the Quarters, so on Sunday the rival that the azulcrema squad would face was defined, with Pachuca being the one who got this pass. It is worth mentioning that the Tuzos arrived as leaders of the competition and now they will seek to impose their conditions in the Hidalg Stadiumor for the return.

The idea of ​​these two meetings will take place in the middle of the week in the Aztec stadium, so the group of the Eagles will have to leave a favorable marker, so that it closes in a better way in this property. There have been five occasions in which both clubs have faced each other in Liguillas, so it is emphasized that there is an unfavorable trend for those from Coapa.

Background between America and Pachuca

The first time they were measured was precisely in the Summer of 2001 when those of Gentleman they defeated the azulcremas in instances of Semifinals with a score of 3-1: later there was a confrontation in the Closure 2007this was a Final, which, again, went to the Tuzos with a result of 3-2.

In his third duel in the Closing 2012 They were the Quarterfinals in which after a couple of lost matches in this instance, the victory did go to the Eagles, defeating them 3-2. For him Closing 2015 There was a match again in this same qualifying round, but the rival’s revenge came and he thrashed the Eagles 7-5.

Finally there is the most recent instance in the Guardians 2021 when the away goal came into effect and having an aggregate score of 5-5 in the Aztec stadiumthe azulcremas were eliminated in the Quarter finalstherefore, a new revenge is sought on this occasion, where the club is now commanded by Fernando Ortiz.

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