The Chinese company Innosilicon held his event “Fantasy One GPU Product Press Conference“In which he showed up to four dedicated Fantasy One series GPUs, which see how the graphics chip makes use of the intellectual property of Imagination, which results in a BXT architecture that comes strong, since there are monolithic models, designed for consumers and workstations, and with a multi-GPU (chiplet) design for data centers.

According to company data, the fastest consumer GPU offers up to 5 TFLOPS of power single precision calculation and a 160 pixel fill rate of GPixel / s. This GPU will feature up to 16GB GDDR6X memory at a speed of up to 19 Gbps via a memory interface 128 bit, which limits the excess bandwidth that will be that is of up to 304 GB / s.

Innosilicon Fantasy One GPUs

If we talk about its Multi-GPU models, connecting both silicones to each other through a christened interconnection technology Innolink. The company claims it has a computing power of up to 10 TFLOPS and a fill rate of 320 GPixel / s. This card is capable of handling up to 32 simultaneous video streams at 1080p @ 60 FPS or 64 at 720p @ 30 FPS resolution. These models will feature up to 32GB GDDR6X memory, but they will still be limited to the 128-bit interface, although in this case it is 128×2.

Both families of GPUs employ a PCI-Express 4.0 x16 interface and are compatible with the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, Vulkan and DirectX. The GPUs were presented live at the event, which included performance tests with the Unigine Heaven OpenGL benchmark, although the score was not disclosed.

via: Videocardz