The collateral damage that would occur in the standings with the ongoing complaint by Platense and Victoria – Diez

The start of the playoffs Opening Tournament 2021 is on edge in the National League before the complaint of Victoria in conjunction with Platense por failure to pay the registration fee on time Honduras Progreso and Real Sociedad.

The leadership of the crabs and sharks maintain that Honduras Progreso and Real The Company did not comply with article 55 of the League’s championship and competition regulations, which establishes the payment of one hundred and twenty-five thousand exact Lempiras (L.125,000.00), which should have been made before the start of the 2021-22 Opening Tournament through a certified check or automatic transfer to league accounts.

Although it is an unprecedented case, the laws of the National Professional Soccer League de Honduras, strongly penalizes this incident with the loss of total or partial points of the clubs involved. Specific decision to be taken between Tuesday (16) and Wednesday (17) of November.

According to El Article 55 of the Regulations for Championships and Competitions of the National League of Professional Soccer of Honduras establishes the following:

“The clubs in their stable conditions that do not pay the participation fee before the start of the opening and closing tournaments and the clubs in their non-stable condition that do not present the bank guarantee before the start of the official season, as well as Those who do not pay the participation fee before the start of the opening and closing tournaments will be penalized with the loss of three points with a score of three to zero per game, until they fulfill their obligation. For the payment or deposit of the obligation, a deadline of twenty-four hours is granted before the start of the opening and closing tournaments respectively. “

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Points to clarify:
1. If the Disciplinary Commission tells you that it was not by certified check or bank transfer, Real Sociedad and Honduras Progreso would lose all the points.
2. If the Disciplinary Committee establishes that they will accept payment by check or bank account, Real Sociedad would lose 7 points and Hondura Progreso 5 units.
3. The article indicates that they would lose by a score of 3-0 and according to the law, they would have to give the points to the rival.

Faced with this conflict, the table of positions would change in the face of repechage games, the order of the games, but not the crosses.

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Motagua would be third, Olimpia in the fourth box and Marathón with UPNFM in fifth and sixth place respectively.

At the top of the table, Real España and Vida would equalize in points, but due to goal difference the machine would keep the first place.


The Clausura Tournament 2021-22 tIt would bring about a strong fight in which Honduras Progreso, Real Sociedad and Platense would already be involved in the fight for permanence. With this panorama, the Victoria would not have so much pressure in the lower zone.

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