The code name for the PlayStation 5 Pro is Project Trinity. Rumored to release in November 2024.

Rumors have spread that the Sony PlayStation (PS5) Pro model will be released in the second half of next year.

According to foreign keytogaming media, Sony is developing a PS5 Pro model codenamed PROJECT TRINITY.

The media reported, “Most studios will receive development kits by November 2023,” while “PS5 Pro is currently in development for a November 2024 release.”

Sony has used codenames from The Matrix in the past. For example, PS4 Pro used “Neo” and PS VR used “Morpheus”.

Also, regarding PS5 Pro specs, ▲30 WGP (workgroup processor) ▲Support 18000mts memory speed ▲Improve frame rate in 4K resolution ▲New “performance mode” for 8K resolution ▲Accelerated ray tracing is known to be supported.

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