The coalition advocates for increased parental benefits. Why so late? asks YES

The increase in parental allowance should only apply to children born since the beginning of the next year. At least that’s what the five-member government coalition agreed to.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives from pirates Olga Rikhterova recalled that her party has long been seeking an increase in parental benefits.

The opposition ANO and the SPD, in the course of further discussion of the law, want to achieve a larger increase in the parental allowance due to inflation up to 400 thousand kroons. “We don’t understand why the government is coming so late with this,” said opposition ANO MP and shadow labor and social affairs minister Aleš Jučelka.

Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives Richterova said that when her party proposed an increase in parental allowance in the final election period, then ANO Finance Minister Alyona Schillerova opposed the increase in parental allowance.

On Tuesday, the deputies do not yet approve the law on increasing parental benefits, they will only decide in the first reading whether the government’s proposal will be submitted to the committees.

In the case of pension savings, a new state contribution of 340 kroons with monthly savings of 1,700 kroons.

The Chamber will also discuss changes in state support for pension savings. While people are now eligible for a state benefit of 230 kr in retirement savings if they save 1,000 kr per month, the maximum state benefit will now be 340 kr if a person contributes 1,700 kr per month in retirement savings.

In total, there are 12 items in the draft program of the extraordinary meeting. In the second reading, in which deputies will be able to make amendments, people’s deputies will discuss a proposal according to which it will be possible to apply for a pension online.

MPs should also focus on taxing the profits of large multinational companies. It is supposed to ensure their minimum fifteen percent taxation. The law will apply to companies whose consolidated revenues amounted to at least 750 million euros (18 billion crowns) in two of the last four years and which also operate on the Czech market. Schiller said that YES supports the passage of the law, but not that it was passed without the possibility of amendment,

At an extraordinary meeting, the Chamber of Deputies should also discuss a proposal to help limit the shortage of medicines on the market or to introduce an automatic increase in the remuneration of members of municipal, city and regional councils. Under another government proposal, the debt relief period should be reduced from the current base five years to three years for all borrowers.

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