“The Children Adore Them”, Caliber 50 Makes the Little Ones Dance

Through his social networks Edén Muñoz, leader of Caliber 50 shared moments to remember, in which it is appreciated how children are his unconditional audience

Caliber 50 is one of the most successful popular genre groups in recent times, and every time they have a presentation they manage to become the favorites of the public since they win the affection of everyone with their great talent.

This time Edén Muñoz, leader and vocalist of the Sinaloan group, shared a moment that became everyone’s favorite since it showed how the little ones in the house sing and dance to their songs.

With some very tender images, the singer-songwriter caused a wave of affectionate comments to be unleashed, many assure that children are the number one fans of the successful norteño group, which has come to connect with the entire audience of the Mexican Regional.

The owners of the successes ‘Solo tu’ and ‘Simply Gracias’ have excelled in their careers in recent years. A decade of results released as a group has ranked among the most liked and most listened to.    

Children adore them!

There is no doubt that the members of Caliber 50 are really successful and loved by the public that has followed in their footsteps since its inception. The children at an early age you are grabbing a liking to this group that has some songs dedicated to them.

‘El infiernito’ is one of the best-known songs, which came to light in 2018 and is dedicated especially to the little ones. Every time Edén Muñoz performs it, she dedicates it with affection for that important audience that follows them at all times.

It should be noted that regional Mexican music has grown over the years and today there are more children who have an impressive taste for the popular genre, so the band exponents are proud to have that audience present in each Show.

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