The chaos of Ayuso’s out-of-hospital emergencies endangers the lives of three minors due to lack of doctors

the nurse of Grove of the Real received in the emergencies outpatients of the health center in the halloween night desperate parents with a child less than a year old who “didn’t react to anything” and with febrile seizure. As explained to Public this sanitary, “had no pulse or symptoms of life and the doctor was absent”. Since that night, the DUE has not slept while the mother’s words resound in his ears: “what can you do for him?”. “Well, nothing,” informed the health worker who referred the little boy to the La Paz Hospital. To aggravate the situation, the parents on the way, and with nerves, had a mishap with the car, which they had to leave to one side of the shoulder until the tow truck arrived.

The only consolation the nurse has left, as she explains to Public, is that the child has survived. Still, he bitterly recalls “the worst Halloween night of my life” and admits he had a power surge and he still has “his head about to burst”.

He still had a complicated shift with several cases, especially that of alcohol poisoning that led to Villalba.

But this extreme situation also occurred, as reported on their networks Amyts (Association of Doctors and Graduates of Madrid), in other emergencies in Madrid during the last 48 hours. Among them, in Torrelagunawhere also a nurse, with a caretaker and without a doctor, attended another serious case of a three-year-old boy with convulsions and who had to be referred to the hospital.

The case of the girl with severe poisoning

Also, three nights ago, at the Buitrago health centerwhere there was also no doctor in the Emergency Room, the nurse treated a case of a girl with anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) without personnel and means to provide the minor with correct emergency health care. As in the other cases, the patient was transferred to the hospital.

Faced with this situation, the SAR Platform has released a statement in which it denounces the situation, recalling that this reform plan for Primary Care Emergencies has been imposed by the Ministry of Healthwith the agreement of four of the five unions of the sectoral table, “despite the notice by the workers of its infeasibility.”

“Centres have been opened in deplorable conditions of dirt”

In addition, this group of affected health professionals denounces that they have not published payroll or attached professionals to each center, “centers have been opened in deplorable dirty conditions” and they assure that many of the new SAP (old SUAP) do not have the most basic equipment, such as a electrocardiograph.

This same platform recalls that they have left centers with only one professional and that the vast majority open with incomplete equipment.

The affected professionals, their platforms and the Amyts Association They also regret that the Ministry is hiring professionals who work shifts of more than 24 hours. All this justifies, as they confirm to Publicthe strike called for November 7 and the demonstration for next Sunday, the 13th.

In addition, they are frequent, according to the statement, verbal commands to move mid-watch to cover other devices without leaving a written record, “thus violating the professional’s coverage in the event of an incident during the trip”.

The WhatsApp of professionals in these emergencies burns every day with cases, lack of professionals and failures such as access to computer systems: Clinical History (AP-Madrid, connection with hospital) and prescription (MUP). This situation forces to prescribe with prescriptions by hand and stamp that does not correspond to the current CIAS designated for the PAC. These failures involve incorrect registration of the claim Y falsify the statistics care, so the centers will not be equipped with the necessary professionals, explains the affected health group.

50% of the centers most days, and 80% in the worst shifts, which correspond to those covered with volunteers, are put in operation without the minimum professionals to give proper care to patients, as insisted in the statement of the Madrid SAR Platform.

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