The celebrated Spanish indie Narita Boy is free on PC for a limited time: how to download

From time to time, many publishers offer some of their video games completely free for a limited time, especially in pc through digital platforms such as Steam, GOG either Epic Games Store, a store where every week we can get several games at zero cost. And this time we can get hold of a whole neo-retro adventure like Narita Boyfree for a limited time, via GOG. We tell you how to get your digital copy of the celebrated Spanish indie Studio Koba.

Get Narita Boy free for PC

To do this, it is only necessary to access the game’s page on GOG, the digital platform for CD Project RED for PC; once there we must click on the green button of generous size (it has no loss) Go to giveaway. On the next page it will only be necessary claim our copy so that it becomes part of our GOG digital library and forever, with which we can install it whenever we want, without restrictions.

The celebrated Spanish indie Narita Boy is free on PC for a limited time: how to download

Of course, we must hurry, since the promotion is only available until the next friday november 25. A unique opportunity to get hold of this great 2D action platformer and retro style with touches metroidvania whose analysis in MeriStation We highly recommend a game that “highlights its impressive visual aspect, which presents two-dimensional graphics full of personality, with large and colorful sprites, varied settings and psychedelic light effects that take us directly to an era as idealized as it is remembered, that of the eighties. The same can be said of the music and everything that surrounds the product”.

“A radical action-adventure with the legendary pixelated hero trapped as a mere echo within the Digital Kingdom. He uncovers the mystery behind the Techno-sword and crosses swords with the corrupted and cursed Stallions. Save the world!”, we can read in his official synopsis.

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