The car that Ana de Armas would buy with what is in her bank account

Ana de Armas frequently surprises posing in automotive jewelry, but thanks to the thousands of dollars that she accumulates in her bank account, she would appear the ideal option to acquire the most exotic model that she would park in her garage. We show you…

Anne of Arms She is one of the most spectacular actresses in Hollywood, standing out for her talent and beauty that radiates on the big screen, managing to conquer the entire public that applauds her performance after each film project, just as it happened during the screening of the biopic “Blonde”, where he gave life to the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe.

The professional side is going from strength to strength, becoming at the same time one of the most sought-after faces to be the image of important beauty brands and a model on the covers of international magazines.

On the other hand, his past romance with Ben Affleckrelationship that was surrounded by many rumors of separation until they announced the final goodbye, leaving the film to remember “Deep water”, project where they began their courtship.

Although his sentimental history was in the past, Anne of Arms continues to climb in success and shine with excellence in his work, filling his instagram with beauty and gaining more and more followers.

It is worth highlighting the image of the actress who won thousands of compliments, after posing in front of the vintage car Aston Martin DB5, elegant model that offers a maximum speed of 233km/h, a 4L inline six engine, 282hp power, comfortable internal space plus a luxurious exterior that draws attention from its classic essence.

Obviously, each presentation for some premiere, corporate brand or film performance, allows you to accumulate thousands of dollars in your bank accountand according to the source of the Cosmopolitan portal, the girl would have net worth 6 million dollars, which translates into an opportunity to buy the most luxurious car.

Of an unmissable alternative and in accordance with the exquisite tastes of the actress, it could well lead an elegant and spacious Mercedes Benz Gle-Class black color, extraordinary sports SUV that offers turbocharged engine of 6 cylinders and 3.0 Liters, 429 horsepower plus an easy drive of impressive capacity in high range, striking manufacture valued at 150 thousand dollars that we show you below.

Mercedes Benz Gle-Class

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