“The call that he take advantage of”


The call of Francis Martinez The microcycle that the Honduran National Team carried out this week in the capital generated all kinds of comments among fans, journalists and the players themselves.

Edwin Rodríguez regrets the criticism of Francisco Martínez

‘Paco’, who has just won promotion to the Second Division with the Pumas F.C.fulfilled the dream of being summoned by Diego Vazquez to integrate the Bicolor for three days and soccer players like Romell Quito have raised their voices in their defense in the face of criticism.

He also spoke about this situation. Michael Chirinos. The steering wheel of Olympia stated that Martinez He must take advantage of the opportunity that the coach gave him, although he felt a bit “uncomfortable” by his call-up.

“I don’t want to refer to that subject. Right now the social networks are very strong and the important thing for me right now is to demonstrate on the field. The call that he take advantage of,” he commented Chirinos in the HRN radio program ‘Ante la afición’.

Asked if he felt “uncomfortable” because a Major League player received the call, the attacker of the albos was clear.

“Yes, of course, because you work for that and getting to the First Division is difficult, you can already imagine going to the National Team, but take advantage of the opportunity because it can only happen once; I wish him the best,” he pointed out.

To close the issue, the 27-year-old attacker wants to be taken into account again for the H. “The illusion is always to represent the National Team well, to give everything there, unfortunately it has not touched me, but I am working to return.” ‘.

Absence at the start of the tournament

Secondly, Chirinos missed the start of Apertura 2022 where the whites defeated Life in La Ceiba. ”I went to San Pedro Sula for a treatment that lasted two days. I told the teacher (Troglio) that he would do it to me before the tournament and he gave me the help to go and do it to me,” he explains.

On his goals for this new season: ”I hope to win the championship, give assists and score goals. The main thing is always to help the team. That comes from childhood, because every cup that is put in front of us we must win it. Concacaf is a great showcase and since the teacher (Troglio) came, he told us that we were going for both tournaments”.

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