The bust of Federico Capdevila from Las Tunas

Federico Capdevila Tunas

Las Tunas.- Every November 27, Cuba remembers the horrendous crime committed by Spanish colonialism against eight young medical students, unjustly accused of desecrating the grave of an Iberian journalist, a staunch enemy of the national independence movement, in a Havana cemetery. That unfortunate day in 1871 stained the annals of our national history with innocent blood.

A dignified Spanish officer, Federico Capdevila, defended the boys with the vehemence of the just. “Gentlemen of the court, my obligation as a Spanish citizen, my sacred duty as a defender, my honor as a knight and my honor as a military man, is to protect and protect the innocent, and my clients are,” he said in front of those who insisted on condemning them. .

Capdevila 4In the capital of Tunes, the memory of Capdevila is eternalized in the bust that was erected in a corner of the Vicente García park. According to the archive of the remembered Dr. Pedro O. Verdecie Pérez, the sculpture was courtesy of the Bacardí-Hatuey commercial firm, and it was officially unveiled on November 27, 1956 at the request of the local Masons, who organized an event for the opportunity solemn with great attendance of guests and public.

Dr. Verdecie delivered the keynote speech for the event. He highlighted the moral values ​​that marked Captain Federico Capdevila, which compelled him to overcome his strong sense of justice over the military jurisdiction that he embodied as an occupation officer. Martí would say years later: “Spain, in that shame, had only one man of honor: the generous Capdevila, who where there are true Spaniards, will have a larger seat.”

The bust was cast in bronze in a metallurgical workshop in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Measures 35 inches tall by 27 inches wide. It is mounted on a gray marble pedestal, the work of the goldsmith from Las Tunas Nicasio Mensa. The set is eight feet high from the bottom to the top. Attached to its structure, it consists of a bronze plaque with an allegorical inscription, donated by a commercial firm in the city.

There are many people from Las Tunas who stop to observe this work, an emblem of the feelings of justice that prevail in good men. The sculpture of Federico Capdevila in the main park of the city testifies how much we from Las Tunas appreciate that noble action of his in defense of a group of boys whom history exonerated of guilt, because they were innocent.

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