The best Netflix series to watch this weekend, according to the ranking in the United States

The Netflix catalog has a wide variety of content, so sometimes it is often very difficult to find something to watch. However, there ten films that can be enjoyed on a weekend off, starring renowned actors: Wounded Hearts, sea ​​monster either The Man from Toronto These are just some of the most recent titles, but there are also others that have been released for several years and still do not stop delighting the audience, such as Troop of Heroes. Don’t know what to see these days? Below is a list of the recommendations that appear in the most viewed in the United States.

The Gray Man is a thriller mixed with action that revolves around the adventure that lives a CIA agent uncovering compromising agency secrets. The protagonist will face a sociopath who is looking for him all over the world. It stars Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas.

The Gray Man became the most viewed film within a week of its release.

Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine and Chosen Jacobs are the ones who give life to the main characters of this story of an aspiring singer who marries a Marine with a goal outside of love, without imagining that a tragedy would transform their fake relationship into something real. Ideal for lovers of romantic movies.

Wounded Hearts
Wounded HeartsNetflix

Buster Moon and his cast of animal performers geared up for this second installment. They will give a show in the entertainment capitalwith more anecdotes, new problems and also new characters.

Sing 2 is now available on Netflix

It is an animated film tells the story of a girl who travels on the ship of a legendary monster hunter. It has the objective of crossing uncharted seas to live on the front line what it is like to face the enemy. She until she discovers that nothing is as she believed.

sea ​​monster
sea ​​monsterNetflix

Pipa is a former police officer in a remote town and he will return to the world he thought he had left behind after a murder turned his life upside down. Luisana Lopilato, Mauricio Paniagua and Inés Estévez are the protagonists.

Trailer for the Netflix movie Pipa

In the midst of action and adventure, an infamous assassin known as The Man from Toronto must team up with a clumsy entrepreneur to resolve a case of confusion. Only that will allow them to continue with their lives.

The Man from Toronto
The Man from TorontoNetflix

dakota johnson brings to life Anne Elliot, a woman who was manipulated into not marrying the love of her life because she was of a lower class. Eight years later he meets him and maybe they will have a new opportunity.

Netflix Persuasion movie trailer

After the attacks of November 9, 12 US soldiers join a local leader in Afghanistan to fight the enemy on horseback. This is a movie based on real events.

Trailer for “Troop Of Heroes”

This film is an hour and a half long, in which you can see the life and journey of Shania Twain, a woman who has transcended genres and borders in terms of music. Her life was not easy and her life was much less famous.

Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl
Shania Twain: Not Just a GirlNetflix

Tape Too big for fairy tale talk about a video game player who is very spoiled by his parents. It’s time to compete in a tournament, but his father’s illness forces him to rethink his priorities: the game or the family.

Netflix Too Big For Fairy Tales Movie Trailer

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