The best indie horror games for Halloween in 2022

We continue with our particular marathon in the purest spooky season style. Today we will focus on some of the best independent games for Halloween in 2022, but always offering a nuance: this is a subjective and personal list based on our own experiences.

The world of independent video games is huge and the horror genre is so broad that we can find experiences of all kinds depending on the approach we adopt.. That is why what you will find here will be a compilation of recommendations in which we have not been able to include all the games that we would like.otherwise we would be here for weeks without stopping reading. With that said, here goes our list of the best indie horror games for Halloween in 2022.

Doki Doki Literature Club

From a purely subjective perspective, the best indie game on the list. It is a purely personal opinion, but it is one of the video games that has surprised us the most in years. Its initial premise presents it to us as a Japanese visual novel with dating simulator mechanics.

As soon as it begins, it presents us with a series of very typical stories and a widely topicalized script, but before we know it, it ends up blowing our heads with a series of well-crafted plot twists and psychological terror so pure and painful that… . Today we still remember how he ends up breaking the fourth wall to leave us speechless.

It is a unique game that we cannot compare with any other. We know of no other study that has done anything like this.. That is why we value it so much. Because he is able to make us feel that anguish and leave us with a brutal bad body through a visual novel. That, without more, is very, very complex, but it does it tremendously well.

Oxide ROOM 104

Independent game developed by the Spanish studio WildSphere. We’ve included him on our list not only because he made it clear that you don’t need a huge budget to make an outstanding game, but also because he has a knack for giving you a hell of a time.

As a horror game, it forces us to make a series of decisions in a highly gloomy environment with a spectacular premise and a very organic development. The writing of the script is very remarkable, the development of events is very natural despite its improbable character and, in general, it has the ability to make our hair stand on end.

In addition, it has a spectacular Spanish dubbing. Usually, Oxide ROOM 104 stands out for its great charisma, his ability to understand the genre and his good understanding of the concept of psychological horror. Likewise, it is especially lurid and sinister, uses gore very well and does not cut a hair in the details.


It is not possible to talk about a ranking of the best indie horror games without highlighting the Amnesia saga. Today it has become one of the most outstanding (small) franchises in the horror genre industry, although it is just as true that it has been a while without surprising as in its best times.

For us, The Dark Descent is the best Amnesia game. He is the first of all of them and is the one who best understood his own concept. At least from our perspective. It was released in 2010 for PC and it was a real surprise.

It had a very unique atmosphere, a very special approach and a very well framed development. The rhythm of the game was highly addictive and, although it had us with our hearts in a fisthad that magic that made us keep playing even if all we wanted to do was run away.

The Medium and Observer

We wanted to cite two games in the same place because we don’t want Bloober Team to take two places. Also, both titles are tremendously good. So much so that there is no clear consensus on which of the two is better. Personally, we stay with The Medium, since nostalgia can get us and it is very noticeable that it is inspired by Silent Hill.

In what sense? Well, in that he manages a concept in which two worlds intersect with each other through an atmosphere of terror in which the greatest fear ends up being the possibility of being ourselves who end up living something like this.

Observer, on the other hand, presents us a dystopian society framed within the framework of the 1980s and 1990s with a brutal soundtrack and a survival horror idea that is not so original, but tremendously effective.


Especially recommended cooperative game that we remember for that same multiplayer concept. Not all horror games have to be individual, right? Phasmophobia stands out a lot in this regard, which is far from easy.. When we are in company it is easier not to be afraid, but in Phasmophobia they make it not so.

From a slightly more humorous perspective, we like to present it as a scary version of Ghostbusters. After all, this is our trade, and the main objective of the game is to hunt various spirits in extremely sinister urban environments.

However, it is true that the fear comes mainly from the scare jump, although we cannot underestimate its ability to create extremely sinister and terrifying atmospheres either. Dark and different in its own way.

Yuppie Psycho

Aesthetic pixelart game with an impressive ability to leave us with a tremendous bad body even despite its aesthetics. Saying it’s pixelart may seem less scary, but the art direction is so brutal that we end up having a hard time. Very bad. In addition, it has a tremendously well-written script that makes us put ourselves in the shoes of his character in a very empathetic way.

Broadly speaking, in the game we are a worker who has just joined a company. Unfortunately for us, as soon as we start we find that nothing is what it seems and that everything in this company is perverse, dark and evil. Something or someone perverts everything from the shadows and it will be our task to discover how and why if we want to survive.

Paired with some very powerful dialogue and a particularly successful soundtrack, Yuppie Psycho is one of our favorite indie horror games.

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