The best game to enjoy cooperatively according to VidaExtra readers is …

Every week, on our Discord server, we propose a new topic on which talk and debate. Last week’s was the following:

What is the best game to enjoy cooperatively and why?

Today it is time to review the responses that you have been sending us to see what your recommendations have been. We will start with that of Sergetsu, which told us the following:

“The first thing that comes to mind for being the last cooperative I’ve played is the Overcooked! 2, what I’ve gotten to laugh with with that one. It’s a lot of fun, but only support for friends with whom you have very strong ties or are in danger of losing that friendship forever (what’s more, that recommendation should come out while you start the game). The discussion about who is to blame for clapping, or who is not doing their job, etc … the accusations are increasing in tone after each defeat. It will not be the best, but if after an afternoon of play you continue with those friendships, you know they are forever ”.

Secondly, Dai-Yamamura he left us this message:

“In cooperative, well Minecraft, Genshin Impact (I’m short of games) or Roblox. These can be played alone and with friends. In the case of Roblox, you can only enjoy it with other people and it’s nice, because it helps you meet people ”.

Alejandro Espinosa prefers to leave us a much more direct and concise answer when he tells us “Super Smash Bros. There is no better game for a house party with friends …”, just like DavydoX: “The Monster Hunter World. I don’t think I had a better time than hunting monsters with my colleagues ”. Without a doubt, they are two great options to have a great time in company.

codeanikilo, meanwhile, he told us this: “For me, the best game to play cooperative / friends is COD Warzone or PUBG for the versatility of game modes”, while Alberto Plaza he expanded a little more:

“Best local cooperative, I would say Overcooked !, especially the 2. Laughter is guaranteed. And online cooperative would say Remnant From the Ashes. You can enjoy the entire campaign together and it is also super playable, as each game is different and has many secrets, and the RPG elements and builds are very well implemented and allow each one to function as a team with a role ”.

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We will end the message that he left us palcoberro:

“I choose The Division 2 for its various game modes (PVE, PVP, RAID), for its long history and complexity, for being able to exchange items with your colleagues in the game, for the different specializations you can achieve in the game. game and progressive difficulty, events… ”.

At this point, as usual, you have the comments on this article at your entire disposal to join the topic and tell us all what they are, in your opinion, the best video games to enjoy cooperatively.

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