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Movies of natural disasters and space explorations depict the impact of meteorites or asteroids against our planet. This is a scary scenario because there is not much that human beings can do about it.

Hollywood has spawned countless movies about aliens, asteroids, and other things that are beyond our world. Some of these stories take place in outer space (such as Alien by Ridley Scott) and others take place on our own planet (The arrival by Denis Villeneuve is an example of this).

Within this second category, there are movies involving meteorites hitting Earth and causing a global disaster; a recent case is The day of the end of the world with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin. This scenario is terrifying for the viewer because it could happen at any time, and there is nothing ordinary people can do except wait for their fate.


Touchstone Pictures

In this disaster movie, starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck Y liv tylerNASA recruits a team of deep core drillers to stop an asteroid and save the planet. Although the solution to stop the asteroid in Armageddon is smart (planting a nuclear bomb), director Michael Bay pointed out that it wouldn’t work in real life.

‘Deep Impact’

Paramount Pictures

Deep Impact It’s about an asteroid heading towards Earth. In addition to featuring performances by Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood and Morgan Freeman, This action movie features Gerry Griffin, a real flight director at NASA who was involved in the Apollo 12 mission. and later became the Director of the Johnson Space Center in Texas.

‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’

Focus Features

Seeking a Friend for the End of the Worlddirected by lorene scafariafocuses on a man (Steve Carell) who is abandoned by his wife in a panic when she learns of a near-Earth asteroid. Accompanied by his young neighbor (Keira Knightley), he embarks on a road trip in search of his old teenage love.


Zentropa Entertainments

Melancholia It begins with the fateful end, when a huge star collides with the Earth. In the opening minutes of Lars Von Trier’s film, a series of superbly composed slow-motion shots foreshadow what awaits Justine (Kirsten Dunst) and Michael (Alexander Skarsgård) on their wedding day.

‘The Color Out of Space’


The Color Out of Space, based on a story by HP Lovecraft and starring Nicolas Cage, begins with a meteorite falling over a rural area, but that’s not the worst of it. Soon, the space rock is struck by lightning, the groundwater begins to fester, and strange beings emerge from the earth.

‘Don’t look up’


Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star don’t look up like two astronomers who discover a meteorite that is on a collision course with Earth. They estimate that in six months the comet will impact and it will be a catastrophic event. Adam McKay’s comedy follows the protagonists as they attempt to warn the government of the imminent end of the world.

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