The best comedy episodes of 2022

The best comedy episodes of 2022, 15 outstanding television pieces.

Laughter and emotion are mixed in the best comedy episodes of 2022. At the time of recapitulating the year, we selected those chapters that with just 30 minutes or less, knew how to stand out through creativity and ingenuity. They are 15 true wonders that stole laughter, surprised, made us reflect and even managed to make some tears escape us, rising within their own shows. Narrative feats some, classics and others sheer simplicity, all are unmissable.

List prepared by the editors of the series section, Cristian Phoyú (Follow) and Emanuel Juárez (Follow).

The best comedy episodes of 2022

15 – The Afterparty – Episode: Yasper – S01E03
Screenplay: Jack Dolgen
Directed by: Christopher Miller

Christopher Miller gave us a clever and highly original twist on cop series. A murder to be solved in which each episode takes on a different tone or narrative genre. Establishing his foundations in the musical, Yasper enters the mind of one of the most extravagant beings on the show, played by the most correct Ben Schwartz. For half an hour he walks us through endless frantic songs that perfectly capture the essence of the character.

14 – The Righteous Gemstones – Episode: Never Avenge Yourselves, But Leave It to the Wrath of God – S02E06
Screenplay: John Carcieri, Jeff Fradley, Danny McBride
Directed by: Jody Hill

Hilarious and tragic, it is an episode with many bullets that returns us to the usual narrative after a key 2×05 to learn about the past of the patriarch Eli (John Goodman). HBO’s most underrated series here explores the Gemstones at their worst, divided, exposed in their wounded masculinity to, between laughs and hilarious phrases, close with a heart-stopping ending.

13 – Inside No 9 – Episode: Wise Owl – S07E06
Screenplay: Steve Pemberton, Reece Shearsmith
Directed by: Louise Hooper

The wonderful English series combines in this episode everything that makes it great: fun, poignancy, pathos, emotion and horror. Parodying old public information campaigns that taught children the dangers, it develops a totally creepy story, as horrifying as it is heartbreaking. It is also the first foray into animation for a show that has gone through all genres and styles, succeeding in each of them.

12 – Today I Met Your Father – Episode: Timing Is Everything – S01E10
Screenplay: Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger
Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Despite maintaining the narrative structure of its mother series, the sitcom starring Hilary Duff managed to detach itself from its shadow by moving within its own setting, returning to the well-known universe only when necessary, or at least the season finale shows it. Sophie has not had an easy life and love is something that constantly frightens her, and it is before a crucial decision that she unexpectedly receives love advice from someone she has not had the best luck either: Robin Scherbatsky. That’s right, Cobie Smulders makes her entrance in the spin-off of the show that she starred in a decade ago. A closing with a flourish to a season that should have prevailed against the prejudices of the fans and whose special participation closed some loose ends about the character that she conquered us in How I Met Your Mother.

11 – What we do in the shadows – Episode: Private School – S04E05
Screenplay: Ayo Edebiri, Shana Gohd
Directed by: Kyle Newacheck

That find of the series that turned out to be little Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), grows up and needs to be educated because he’s already an unbearable nuisance. The vampires then decide that they have to attend school: the admission interview with a director turns into endless hilarious situations when, seeking to show themselves as a happy family, all possible couples and relationships between the protagonists are explored. By the way, we’ll get to know more about Guillermo, which is a fantastic bonus.

10 – Hacks – Episode: The Captain’s Wife – S02E04
Screenplay: Ariel Karlin, Pat Regan
Directed by: Lucia Aniello

Deb struggles to connect with her audience on a cruise, but things spiral out of control when she discovers it’s a lesbian excursion (gay men being more of her audience), bringing out the worst in her again. If we must recognize something Hacks it is that he is far from presenting a redemption for his characters, hitting the mark when he reinforces, as here, their negative attitudes. The generational duel proposed by Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder reaches one of its maximum peaks.

9 – Better things – Episode: England – S05E09
Screenplay: Joe Hortua
Directed by: Pamela Adlon

Shortly after the series finale, Sam and his family take a trip to England. Pamela Adlon portrays the connection between these women with her usual sensitivity and humor. Cathartic, nostalgic, with decisions that change everyone’s lives and the streets of London as a background, it is the perfect prelude to an equally perfect ending.

8 – Only Murders in the Building – Episode: The Last Day of Bunny Folger – S02E03
Screenplay: Ben Smith
Directed by: Jude Weng

In these instances, it is still too early to reveal the great mystery raised by the second season, but it is not too early to endow the ill-tempered and little-understood president of the Arconia board of directors with humanity. Starring a superb Jayne Houdyshell, the episode follows the last hours of the victim, delving into the smallest details of the melancholy character and demonstrating that the series is far from exhausting its narrative resources.

7 – Rick and Morty – Episode: Full Meta Jackrick – S06E07
Screenplay: Alex Rubens
Directed by: Lucas Gray

Being part of a surprising season 6 that put to rest criticism that the series lost its magic, the animated show presents an episode that is a true creative revolution with the protagonists trapped in a confusing loop of adventures. His explanation puts us before the most meta and self-referential chapter that we have seen.

6 – Abbott Elementary – Episode: Candy Zombies – S02E06
Screenplay: Kate Peterman
Directed by: Shahzad Davani

A hilarious Halloween episode that has it all: kids getting out of control with too much sugar, overworked teachers, costumes and pop culture references, mystery, laughs, the usual cuteness of the show, and the growing chemistry between Janine (Quinta Brunson ) and Gregory (Tyler James Williams). Extra applause for little Mr. Johnson, it is for details and hits like this that the series won our hearts so quickly.

5 – Barry – Episode: 710N – S03E06
Screenplay: Duffy Boudreau
Directed by: Bill Hader

After three years and a pandemic, Barry He returns triumphantly with 10 episodes as chaotic (in the good sense of the word) as they are dark. 710N, also known as the highway chase episode, provides a fantastically composed sequence rarely seen in series of this nature. A wonderful direction and script that, without leaving aside the characteristic black humor, only shows a small part of Bill Hader’s great talent, whatever he does.

4 – Derry girls – Episode: The Agreement – ​​S03E07
Screenplay: Lisa McGee
Directed by: Michael Lennox

The gang says goodbye with an extended special episode packed with cameos and pure 90s nostalgia. Without losing any of the ridiculous humor, Lisa McGee matures the characters on screen by confronting them with one of the most important historical events in Ireland. That thought-provoking maturity makes sense that the show ends right now, when we’re all desperately asking for more episodes. If a series wants to go high over the top, it should follow this example.

3 – The Simpsons – Episode: Lisa the Boy Scout – S34E04
Screenplay: Dan Greaney
Directed by: Timothy Bailey

The prime example of the great creative renaissance of The Simpson, a series that is going through its best moment in years although many have abandoned it. A hack to the Disney servers exposes the secrets of the show kept for decades, thus revealing a succession of scenes and plots that were abandoned and never aired. Daring twists that could have ruined the series, direct responses to fans, return to iconic episodes, disputed theories that come true, anything goes in this absolutely great 20 minutes.

2 – Atlanta – Episode: The Goof Who Sat by the Door – S04E08
Screenplay: Francesca Sloane, Karen Joseph Adcock
Directed by: Donald Glover

Perhaps the best mockumentary we’ve ever seen on TV. Oh, was it fake? The story of Thomas Washington, a black executive at Disney, and how he created “the blackest movie of all time” starring Goofy. We do not detail more because, if you saw it, you already know that it is at the level of jewels like Teddy Perkins, and if they did not see it, they must do so knowing as little as possible of this self-concluding chapter, and without the central stars, that Glover prepared for the final season. It is also incredible that it has appeared on a channel owned by the mouse company.

1 – The Bear – Episode: Review – S01E07
Screenplay: Joanna Caló
Directed by: Christopher Storer

At the top of the best comedy episodes of 2022 (which The Bear whether it is a comedy is debatable, but that is how it is being cataloged) we find not only one of the great gems of current TV, but also one of the most stressful moments of the year. Conceived in one take, Reviews It is a sample of the levels of anxiety that the series created by Christopher Storer can cause. A dizzying exercise that, like the show itself, increases the tension with the passing of the minutes, suffocating us with an almost unbearable intimacy, but extremely hypnotic.

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