The beauty of 35 years old, like the “charm” of Chau Tan, causes a fever

(Dan Tri) – Recently, Chau Tang’s past image has suddenly become a “hot” topic on Chinese social media. This is the moment when the Chinese actress was 35 years old when her appearance was perfect.

A clip of an interview with 35-year-old Chau Tang was just released by an online community and quickly became the topic of discussion on the Internet. Currently, the clip is in the list of the most searched keywords on Weibo (China).

A lot of positive feedback about the beautiful actress. “She is really too perfect”, “35-year-old beauty Chau Tang is amazing and amazingly young”, “She really deserves to be the best beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry”, “Chow Tang is really a very handsome actor. who has both beauty and talent ”… this is a compliment to Chau Tan.

The image of 35-year-old Chau Tang suddenly caused a fever and became the topic of discussion on the Internet (Photo: Weibo).

In the clip, Chau Tan naturally ruffles her hair and wears light makeup on her face. The bright eyes and radiant smile of the beauty named Chau made her face shine. Chau Tan has very beautiful eyes and this is also a “weapon” that helps her to play, “weighing” all types of roles on the screen.

Chau Tang was once praised by the world-famous designer Karl Lagerfeld and called “the muse of the East.” He considered Chinese beauty to be the perfect combination of Coco Chanel’s youthful innocence and the femininity of French ballerina Zizi Jeanmaire.

At the age of U50, Chau Tan’s appearance still delights his colleagues and fans. Bright eyes, a bright smile help her always shine in front of the camera. Lively and moving speech helps the 48-year-old star to always be attractive.

At the age of U50, Chau Tang still has a small body, a beautiful face and expressive eyes (Photo: Sina).

Chau Tan is active in both film and television. Her name is confirmed by both viewers and professionals with major Chinese film awards such as Golden Statue, Golden Rooster, Golden Horse.

Films associated with Zhou Xun’s fame include Pink Daughter, Dai Ming Palace, Thai Binh Heavenly Realm, Condor Hero… In addition, she is also charming in films such as Leather painting, Night banquet, If you love, Confucius, Fong Thanh, To Qi Nhi…

Among the latest projects in which she took part, History of the Nhu Yu harem rated as the most popular. The film has just celebrated its 5th anniversary and Chau Tang’s role as a strong, determined yet loyal woman has always drawn compliments from viewers.

In addition to being a talented and influential star, Chau Tang is also regarded as the symbol of beauty in the Chinese entertainment industry. At 50, she still retains a small figure, a delicate face.

However, the beauty, born in 1974, said that she did not manage to avoid wrinkles and age marks on her face when she reached middle age.

Instead of following plastic surgery trends, Chau Tang has learned to accept that he is no longer young and is not struggling with the laws of aging. The beautiful actress admits that if she wants to continue as an actress, she will have to overcome comments, even malicious ones, about her appearance.

Chau Tang admitted that she happily admitted that she was no longer young and had made no effort to fight the laws of natural aging (Photo: Sina).

Chau Tang has a cinematic face, especially her bright eyes, a weapon that helps her weigh each role (Photo: Marie Claire).

“You will start to look at yourself and think: “Why is the skin in this area sagging, should I do something about it?” There will come a period of time when you will start to worry about aging. Then you start to slowly accept it, then you will think about it,” she said happily.

Chau Tang believes that as she ages and gains more experience, her choice of role will also be different.

“I’m getting older and I’m going to start playing roles that you haven’t seen before. I have no way to go back to the days when I played Princess Tai Binh (role in the TV series). Dai Ming Palace) or the times of Li Me (her character in Equation of love and death). I can only keep moving forward. We can all just keep moving forward,” she said.

At 49, the actress did not have a child, rejoicing in her passion for acting and a love story with a boy who is 13 years her junior (Photo: Sina).

After a broken marriage and unfinished love stories, Chau Tan is now happy with her 13-year-old boyfriend, musician Trak Viet. Their love story was revealed by the Chinese media in 2021, but the couple did not make their relationship public.

However, according to some close sources, Chau Tang brought her boyfriend to introduce her to the family and received support from the family. Beautiful love also helps her to become young and full of life. Drawing on the experience of past love affairs, the U50 actress chooses a secretive lifestyle, keeping her personal life in absolute secrecy.

Chau Tan’s friend said that in addition to being busy at work, in the past 2 years, Chau Tan has mostly spent time with her boyfriend. Although they are not married, they live together and stick together as husband and wife. According to a close friend of the actress, although she is in love and happy with Trak Viet, she does not want to think about remarrying or having children.

Chau Tan and his current boyfriend, musician Trak Viet (Photo: Sohu).

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