The bachatero Memín “El Sucesor” dies

Santo Domingo. DR

Memín “El Sucesor”, musician, composer and singer of bachata, died this Sunday after a few days in the Corominas Pepín Clinic, in Santiago, where he arrived to undergo surgery for a hernia. He was 53 years old.

Yovanny Martín Belliar, his real name, had his own bachatera group, but for many years he was a musician for veterans like Luis Vargas and Anthony Santos.

His way of playing bass and guitar distinguished him as one of the oaks of traditional bachata.

His compositions include “Que se alocó”, “Pa to perdío algo cogío”, “Bartolina” and “La Garganta”.

After the news spread, Anthony Santos reacted with regret: “Today my heart is overwhelmed with sadness upon learning of your death. I ask God for peace in your soul and comfort your loved ones.”

Then “El Mayimbe” added: “I think of you dear friend and the only thing that comes to my mind is the ability you had to make the deepest visions and feelings come true on the staff, which with your skill you turned into art, into music with your chords. The virtue that adorned you is and will always be a mirror for every musician of our genre and that everyone who knew you must recognize in you forever.Your ability to move in different areas in your career makes you worthy of respect, within your genre, outside and so on. The neck of your guitar is in my head, I will never forget you “Memin”, may God have you in a good place. See you later dear friend.”

Likewise, Luis Vargas reacted full of sadness: “My God, this has left me devastated, we have lost one of the most important musicians and human beings in the bachata genre and in typical Dominican music, an ideologue creator of the changes that bachata has experienced, almost all of us have and must respect our Yovanny Belliard known as memin, but his most important greatness was always the human being, I never hear or will hear anyone having problems of any kind with Memín. God receive you with a party my dear friend and companion forever, we will say goodbye with a party as we had agreed zan di vive vive San, see you later man with a big heart”.

Likewise, El Chaval de la Bachata He asked that God “accompany you” and “give your family and friends their consent”, in addition to noting that he is outside the Dominican Republic and that “for that reason I cannot say goodbye to you”.

The singer-songwriter Felix D’Oleo He also posted: “A natural talent, angel adorned with a frightening humility, go in peace the great Memín.”

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