The Ba Ria Vung Tau Provincial Military Party Committee is effectively managing the tasks.

The meeting was attended by the secretary of the party committee, the political commissar of the 7th military zone, Lieutenant General Chan Hoai Chung.

Since the beginning of its term, the Provincial Military Party Committee has carefully assimilated, synchronously and comprehensively implemented the Party’s guidelines and guidelines, the policies and laws of the state; focus on leading and directing the organization to achieve its core goals and objectives; Highlights: good performance in the advisory function of the provincial party committee, the provincial people’s committee for military and defense tasks; leaders who are able to deal with situations in a timely and effective manner, contributing to the maintenance of political security, social order and security, as well as creating conditions for local economic development; implementation of many new breakthroughs, projects and models.

Provincial Military Party Committee led the organization to develop national defense and security knowledge for subjects in accordance with decentralization to achieve 100% goal; the recruitment and conscription of citizens into the army reached 100% of the task at all 3 levels, the share of officially enrolled party members reached 1.26%; the leaders of the organization signed a cooperation agreement with the Executive Council of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha from the provincial to the grassroots level; By building 98/125 gratitude houses, teammates’ houses achieved over 78% progress…

Training and combat readiness are always appreciated; leaders organize a rehearsal to achieve good results and a lot of good content; The device guarantees absolute safety.

For half the term, the leadership potential and combat composition of the party committees and organizations have noticeably changed; to coordinate well in mobilizing the masses, contributing to the creation of a solid political foundation, strengthening the position of people’s hearts …

At the conference, the delegates discussed, analyzed, evaluated, clarified the reasons and limitations, and also proposed many measures for the qualitative implementation of tasks in the remaining half of the term.

Concluding the conference, Mr. Pham Viet Thanh, secretary of the provincial party committee, suggested that the provincial military party committee continue to carefully consider the goals and objectives set by the congress resolution; focus on leadership and leadership to improve the quality of advisory and combat operations of the provincial armed forces; strengthen coordination to understand the situation, give correct, successful and timely advice to the provincial party committee and the provincial people’s committee, so as to manage and deal with the situation well, and not passively wonder; improve the quality of training, be ready for battle, build a “sleek, compact and strong” unit in accordance with the instructions of the party and the Central Military Commission; promote the spirit of independence, independence, increase production, take care of the material and spiritual life of cadres and soldiers, contributing to the successful completion of all tasks.

News, photo: LE LOAN

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