The argument between Elon Musk and ElRubius about paying to be verified on Twitter

Elon Musk spends even more time on Twitter since he bought the platform. The South African tycoon is publishing at a breakneck pace and doesn’t hesitate to answer some interesting questions. One of his conversations has been with ElRubius, who has even given Musk advice to get a more attractive platform.

Musk’s intention to introduce a monthly payment model to verify official Twitter accounts is driving the Twitter community upside down. There are those who see it well, and there are those who do not see the point of paying 8 dollars to be verified or, if they are, continue to maintain this status. Writers Stephen King and Neil Gaiman have already complained, and ElRubius is on their side.

Do you think trolls are given wings?

The Spanish streamer has expressed his discomfort in a Musk post. ElRubius was asking the richest man in the world about what would happen when someone verified to have paid pretends to be someone else who is also verified: “What happens when a random user pays $8 and changes their display name to Elon?” Musk, using your same profile picture and starts tweeting like it’s you?

This currently happens with unverified accounts, but it cannot be done with users who have the precious badge. This is precisely one of the objectives of this brand: to verify that the person behind the account is who they say they are and not a troll.

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Elon Musk, whose mobile photo seems to point to the Twitter logo in the background of the image

Elon Musk was terse with his response: “This already happens very frequently.” He is not without reason, but it currently happens with unverified accounts, since it cannot be done with users who have the precious badge. Precisely, this is one of the objectives of this brand.

Musk promises that more news will be added

The content creator was not too happy with the response given by the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, so he returned to the fray: “I think that adding the verified badge for everyone who pays will increase that problem.” And he proposed a quite plausible alternative in this new stage: “I would gladly pay 8 dollars to have profile pictures and animated banners, or more customization in general. Do to Twitter what you did to cars and it should be easy.”

This time yes, Musk wanted to get a little more wet and detailed what would happen in the case raised by ElRubius. It’s simple: the trolls will be suspended, but they won’t get their $8 back. Therefore, he wins Twitter. On the other hand, the owner of the platform promised that they would soon add “great things” like those suggested by the Spanish streamer for Twitter Blue.

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