The AMD RMP makes an RX 6800 XT perform like an RTX 3090 Ti

The NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti is a graphics card with sensational performance, as it is the highest range that the company has manufactured in its RTX 30 for gaming. Meanwhile, even the AMD RX 6900 XT is struggling to match or beat this NVIDIA graphics card. However, it is possible to make a AMD RX 6800 XT GPU of lower price, has a performance equal to the RTX 3090Ti, thanks to the tool RPM included within the software Hydra.

The name of Yuri Bubliy or better known as @1usmus on Twitter, he is quite well known in the AMD user community. And it is that, thanks to it, we have been able to optimize processors and graphics of the red company, increasing its performance and efficiency. It’s been a while since he unveiled his Project Hydra or previously called ClockTuner for Ryzen (CTR), which allowed us to adjust frequencies and voltages almost automatically, saving us a lot of time in squeezing our CPUs.

RMP will allow an RX 6800 XT to match the RTX 3090 Ti

As time has passed since the official announcement of Project Hydra, Yuri announced new updates that improved it, with some surprises. And it is that, this time he decided to stop focusing solely on optimizing AMD Ryzen processors and try his luck with the company’s GPUs. So he has been working to show us what his new overclocking tool called RMP or Radeon Monster Profilewhich is integrated into Hydra. Although this consists of “profiles”, it really works like the optimization of the CPUs.

As with the processors, the new Curve Optimizer was used to make the most of the undervolt and the frequencies, with RMP it is similar. Here, RMP combines its own options with the new RDNA 2 GPU frequency/voltage curve within the Hydra software. According to its creator, it is capable of match the performance of the RTX 3090 Ti while consuming less power.

With RMP, the 6800 XT GPU performs like the best of NVIDIA using 80W less

If we analyze each of the images that 1usmus provides, we find that it has really managed to achieve those performance figures that I mentioned earlier. And it is that, under 3DMark Time Spy, the AMD’s RX 6800 XT goes from 19,336 points in stock to 21,930 points with RPM 370. This implies that it manages to overcome the RTX 3090Ti who stay in 21,829 pointsobviously at stock frequencies without changing anything, but we are talking about a considerably more expensive and powerful GPU.

This has been the result of lower the voltage by 6% along with a rise in frequencies of nothing less than 300MHz. As a result, we have an RX 6800 XT that considerably increases its consumption, it must be said, because with RMP 370 it consumes 370W. Thus, we see that the number attached to the RMP indicates the maximum consumption to which the frequency and voltage curve of the graph is expressed, so we will need a good refrigeration. Even so, they are still 80W less than the 450W that consumes the RTX 3090Ti to get those points.

Also, when comparing the price per frame, the RX 6800 XT with RMP 370 is positioned well above the RTX 3090 Ti, as it gives nearly double the FPS/$. To finish, we will say that regarding efficiency, it is better to opt for the result obtained with the GPU with RMP 305, since the 305W give 21,443 points and is positioned above the AMD 6900 XT, revealing the good results of this new addition for Hydra. Regarding the date on which it will be available, Yuri only mentioned that it will be in fall 2022 when arrive.

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