the airpods are no longer worn, the ‘cool’ is the wired headphones

The new generations know that you not only have to be, but you also have to appear. Apple AirPods perfectly embody this maxim: you wear them and you are a person who is trendy, wearing one of the fashionable products; but at the same time it also gives the appearance of being someone modern, who lives in these times and who does not have any problem in spending good money on headphones.

The problem is that it is going out and seeing everyone wearing these AirPods – or some of their imitations -. There is no one who does not go with them on their ears, walking fast and talking into the air making fuss to give more shape to their speech. They are a true epidemic. And it is at this point when Apple’s wireless headphones stop having their grace. Or that’s what TikTok says, one of the platforms in charge of creating trends.

Appearing sloppy is what takes

You may think that you are going to last, but not anymore

You may think that you are going to last, but not anymore

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Several tiktokers, influencers and celebrities have rescued the earphones of a lifetime: those with cable. Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Zoë Kravitz are some of the celebrities who have been seen with wired headphones on several occasions and on TikTok they have followed suit.

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The it girls who have stepped forward to bring back these humble headphones have not done so for a functional issue. Neither because of the price difference – Renfe gives them free and Apple EarPods can be obtained from 14 euros, while AirPods start at 149 euros – Premium aesthetics, be different from the rest. Stand out and set a trend.

Model Bella Hadid was the pioneer in betting on wired headphones. He did it in 2019. In Vogue An entire article was dedicated to this auditory remember: how can a multimillionaire supermodel listen to music connected to her mobile? We return to the origin: appearances.

Actor Jake Gyllenhall in a perfect carefree outfit

Actor Jake Gyllenhall in the perfect carefree outfit

The new trend that is being imposed is to pretend that it is being neglected, which is not the same as being it. Wired headphones are the perfect complement to tell the world “look, I was wearing the first thing I’ve seen and I don’t care what you think. Besides, I’m in my inner world.”

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Videos are being made on TikTok in tribute to wired headphones and the good vibes they give off. Other users prefer to philosophize and delve into the benefits of these helmets with a tendency to get tangled in pockets without anyone knowing how.

Tributes to the earphones of a lifetime, considered a product vintage it seems – although they have never disappeared – they are also carried out on Instagram. Bill @wireditgirls, which has close to 3,000 followers, collects celebrities recalling times gone by with wired helmets.

Nobody bother me, please

The user who keeps the account, Shelby Hull, has told the portal Mashable what is transmitted to the rest of the universe if you stop using the AirPods to use the old headphones: “Going connected with cable is an attitude. It is the way you behave and move around the world […] I love the message they send. It’s like, ‘Please don’t talk to me now.’

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The cable is the differentiator. It is perceived subconsciously as a barrier, a declaration of intent. It is the unequivocal sign that you are listening to music – or whatever it is – and that you are not going to socialize. Instead, wireless headphones seem to leave a door open for interpersonal communication. It doesn’t have to be this way, but young people agree that this is what is communicated to others. Appearances, of course.

Actress Kristen Stewart plunged into her world

Actress Kristen Stewart plunged into her world

A symbol of technological resistance

This return to the past, which has already occurred on many other occasions, is the new trend. It can also be interpreted as a way of saying no to the continuous evolution of technology – be it computers, tablets, mobile phones or headphones – since every year a new version of the same product is born.

That the device models are renewed every two by three aims to modernize them and add new functions. According to Hull, this time for the The Wall Street Journal, the traditional helmets are a symbol of resistance to this consumer wheel in which big technology almost forces customers to buy their products by bombarding them with giant advertisements.

Cheap headphones say 'no' to continuous technological evolution and its advertising machinery

Cheap headphones say ‘no’ to continuous technological evolution and its advertising machinery


The rebirth of connected headphones is gaining momentum in parallel with the premiere of the AirPods 3, which are aesthetically very similar to the Pro and have a longer battery life. That is to say, that of evolution, also in its functions, it will be that little.

In this scenario where products are constantly being renewed with slightly better versions than the previous one, a window opens for a script twist that no one expected: can big technology go back to betting on the 3.5 mm audio jack?

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