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Here we bring an interesting recently shared list that relates to one of the most prominent titles in the catalog on the hybrid console. This time we are talking about Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl.

In the compilation that you have below, you can know the 8 most used Pokémon by the players in the original titles. As you can imagine, this analysis that ScreenRant has carried out is useful in order to select the best team in the remakes.

They are as follows:

  • 8 Infernape for its combination of types as a starter Pokémon
  • 7 Luxray for its power in combat
  • 6 Staraptor to be able to fly and for being a good option in combat
  • 5 Floatzel to be able to surf too
  • 4 Bibarel for its versatility throughout the adventure
  • 3 Rapidash as an even better Fire-type alternative
  • 2 Lucario for friendship and for being a good competitive option
  • 1 Garchomp for its combination of types and power

What do you think? Do you recommend any more? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments. Finally, you can also find our complete coverage of this game, whose premiere is scheduled for November 19, 2021, here.


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