The 8 applications that cannot be missing on the cell phone

Applications that should not be missing on the cell phone (photo: DEPOR)
Applications that should not be missing on the cell phone (photo: DEPOR)

In the App Store and the Google Play Store there are countless applications of any kind, social networks, platforms to meet people, free games and many more options. But without a doubt, cell phones were created to help people better organize their days and therefore, it is necessary to have some applications to not forget the tasks of the week.

This is a list with 8 applications that should not be missing on phones:

This is a notepad that Internet users have liked a lot because of the design of its interface, because in addition to managing an aesthetic similar to a real sheet, its use is very simple and works to jot down any kind of reminder, such as the pending activities for the next day, the shopping list and passwords for Wi-Fi and other accounts such as Netflix.

Its motto is to be the second brain of the users, since it allows to create mental maps on any topic, quickly and easily on your cell phone. It has been very useful for people who are dedicated to creative activities, since they can capture any idea or thought in the application as a note and then the map will be generated and in different formats if desired.

It has been one of the most loved transportation applications by cell phone users of any age. This platform works anywhere in the world since take information from transport systems and it shows people how long it will take for their bus or subway to arrive, as well as various ways to get to their destinations whether by private car, bicycle, on foot or by bus.

This application was developed by the famous brand of colored adhesive papers, and with this digital solution you can take all the ideas written down on your cell phone, because if you take a photo of the physical paper, the platform digitizes it and it will not be seen as a simple image of a piece of paper.

This is the typical diary to record the most intimate and deepest thoughts and feelings, but now from the cell phone, so in addition to writing you can also add photos to capture the best memories. It is unlimited and you can add new pages every day.

This tool can be of great help to users who are not particularly good with numbers, but no, it is not the usual calculator but rather help split expenses or balance them when they have to be distributed among more people, It can be very useful on trips or dinners with friends where everyone will pay for what they consumed.

There are some devices that do not come with any application to record audioin that case this can be a very useful option, although it has nothing special or different from other platforms to record audio or voice notes, beyond being free.

Is It is the best known application to keep your personal agenda with all kinds of activities, such as meetings and work commitments but also medical appointments, sessions with the personal trainer or meetings with friends. And all this at the same time because it is linked to the Google user that is already entered on the cell phone, which offers high possibilities for customization and practicality.


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