The 50 most anticipated movies of 2023: from ‘Barbie’ to the new Indiana Jones

A meme has been circulating on the internet for years that ensures that Nicolas Cage He is an immortal vampire. The theory is based on a series of photos of gentlemen from different periods of history who bear an amazing resemblance to the actor. And Cage, whose career is already a meta-commentary on herself (in 2022 she released The unbearable weight of a huge talent), interprets in Renfield to Count Dracula. This is not the first time that Cage has tackled the role of a vampire, he already ate two live cockroaches during the filming of vampire kisses in 1989. But that was another Nicolas Cage. This Nicolas Cage, the one from 2023, arouses a cult that guarantees that this comedy in the vein of What we do in the shadows will generate, at least, a couple of days of laughter among moviegoers. The highlight of the film is that Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) tells his boss that, after centuries of faithful service, he wants to leave his job to marry his lover (Akwafina).
Premiere: April 14.

37. Spider-Man: Crossing the Spider-Verse


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In 2018, the first part caused a sensation by showing that superhero cinema had many possibilities in terms of comedy, tone and aesthetics beyond the Marvel template. This sequel will be divided into two parts because its writers realized that they wanted to tell too many things for a single movie. Among all those things will be the appearances of Spider-Woman, Spiderman 2099 and the Japanese Spider-Man.
Premiere: June 16.

36. The Holdovers

Paul Giamatti meets the director who launched him to fame in Between glasses, alexander payne, to play the most unpopular teacher in a school who is forced to spend Christmas with a troublesome student and the school cook. Payne, one of the most prestigious authors in the United States thanks to election, The descendants either Nebraskagot the idea while watching a French film from the 1930s. A screening was organized last September for potential buyers and Focus, the division indie from Universal, kept the film. Payne’s next project will be a sequel to election for Paramount+, in which Reese witherspoon repeats her role and works as a producer.
Premiere: end of the year.

35. The Marvels

During its pre-production, the sequel to Captain Marvel turned into The Marvels by adding two more superheroines: Ms. Marvel (Iman Vellani), in her feature film debut following the Disney+ series, and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), known by WandavVsion. directs girl
dacosta (Candyman) Y Samuel L Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury for the 12th time.
Premiere: July 28.

3. 4. read

The cinematographer of michel gondry and the documentaries Michael Scorsese, Ellen Kurasmakes his film directing debut with this biopic on lee miller, a 1940s model who gave up her profession to work as a journalist during World War II. It sounds like a stand-alone period drama, but her cast will also elevate the material: Kate Winslet, Jude Law Y Marion Cotillard.
Premiere: end of the year.

33. Chinese

After participating in Cannes and winning the Goya for best new director for Carmen and Lola Arantxa Echevarria surprised by opting for a commercial comedy like The perfect familybut now he returns to intimate cinema. Chinese tells the story of two Chinese girls who happen to be in the same class but who, although everyone assumes that they will become friends, have nothing to do with each other: one was born in Spain with Chinese parents and the other was born in China and was adopted by a Spanish marriage. participate Carolina Yuste Y Eleanor Watling.
Premiere: to be determined.

32. The Exorcist

david gordon green just came out of the trilogy Halloween and he’s already gotten into another classic horror franchise. This is not the first sequel to The Exorcist (the second was not bad, the third had a tremendous scare in a hospital and the parody repossessed had the girl linda blair repeating her role as an adult), but it is the first in which she returns Ellen Burstynjust when the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the original, in which the 90-year-old actress played the mother of the demonized girl.
Premiere: October 13.

31. Nightbitch

The director Marielle Heller has demonstrated with only two films (Will you be able to forgive me one day? Y an extraordinary friend) have a special gift for telling adult stories about the human condition and for finding the right balance between sensitivity and eccentricity. He will need to bring these qualities to their full potential for his new film to work, in which Amy Adams she plays a housewife who begins to suspect that she is transforming into a dog. Really, who wouldn’t want to see that?
Premiere: to be determined.

30. Count

The Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain continues with a filmography that jumps from Chile (The club, A
fantastic woman) to Hollywood (Jackie, Spencer) with total comfort. In this case, he has teamed up with Netflix for a political satire that he could only do in his country: a movie about Augusto Pinochet interpreted by alfredo castro, one of the best actors in the world. The turn? The dictator is secretly a 250 year old vampire.
Premiere: to be determined.

29. Impossible Mission 7: Deadly Judgment


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