The 5 most read Medicine and Public Health notes in 2022

2022 was a year of various advances and discoveries in the field of medicine.

There was a lot of news that gave us something to talk about and had a great impact this year, either because of the situation or something with which our readers felt identified, 2022 gave us good news, progress and discoveries that we told you about and that we want to remember

1. Discovered a new variant of HIV much more contagious and virulent

The new variant have a higher viral load. So, subjects with the BV variant have a viral load between 3.5 and 5.5 times higher; Furthermore, the decline in CD4 cells, which represents damage to the immune system, occurred twice as fast in individuals with this new variantwhich put them at risk of developing AIDS within eight or nine months of their diagnosis.

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2. Loneliness increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, confirms a longitudinal study

Study found that higher levels of loneliness at baseline are strongly associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes in a period of 20 years later, because the feeling of loneliness generates a state of chronic and sometimes long-lasting distress (stress) that can activate the body’s physiological response.

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3. Probiotics would reduce cognitive impairment from chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer

patients with breast cancer who have been treated with chemotherapy and who also took probiotics as a supplement had significantly fewer symptoms of cognitive decline with chemotherapy compared to a control group taking placebo capsules. This finding would provide a simple and effective prevention strategy for chemotherapy-related side effects, including cognitive decline.

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4. Study supports benefit of discontinuing thyroid hormone in patients with mild condition

A systematic review with 17 articles maintains that those patients with “subclinical” thyroid condition could benefit after applying the treatment with Levothyroxine, where it could be discontinued and the patients continue with a normal quality of life.

It is estimated that in Puerto Rico 20% of the population suffers from some thyroid disorder and a recent study indicates that 33% of Puerto Rican women have some disease of the thyroid gland.

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5.Puerto Rican scientific study would reveal an important cause of the origin of Alzheimer’s

The research is being carried out in Puerto Rico, this being the precursor country of the project with which it is intended to identify the main factors that contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative conditions, in order to give rise to the search for a safe cure. and effective for patients.

Currently, it is estimated that close to 60,000 people suffer from Alzheimer’s on the island, ranking fourth in one of the most common causes of death in the country.

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