“The 2004 law bans the abaya, those who doubt it are the useful idiots of Islamism”

Jean-Eric Shettle. Fabienne Clairfon

TRIBUNA – The ban on the abaya in schools, announced by Gabriel Attal, is a decision of common sense in accordance with the principles of the law of 2004, welcomes the former secretary general of the Constitutional Council.

Abaye has no place in public schools, as the new Minister of Education has just declared, whose firmness and clarity are to be applauded. We are out of the habit of it… However, the fact that we had to wait for a cabinet reshuffle to call a spade a spade on Rue Grenelle, however, says a lot about our tendency to deny when it comes to defending the values ​​of the Republic from the onslaught of obscurantism and communitarianism .

Wearing an abaya causes the student wearing it to be immediately recognizable by their religious affiliation. However, as emphasized in the circular dated May 18, 2004, adopted to apply the law of March 15, 2004, and as reiterated in the circular signed in November 2022 by the previous Minister of Education, signs and clothing prohibited by the law are those whose wearing leads “be immediately recognized for their religious affiliation.” The law prohibits the wearing of clothing intended to display…

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