The 2 players that Chivas has already secured for Clausura 2023

Jesus Sanchez and Isaac Brizuela renewed their contracts with Chivas so the board of the Sacred Flock is counting on them for the immediate future, according to sources consulted by

Aztec Sports
. The ‘Chapo’ and ‘Cone’ they are two of the players who have been on the rojiblanco squad the longest and both were already champions of

MX League
with Guadalajara.

Sancheza 33-year-old right-back, has played his entire career with Chivas. He debuted in the First Division on August 7, 2010 in a Guadalajara vs. St. Louis and since then he has played 323 games with the red and white shirt and is already close to the Top 10 in the entire history of the Guadalajara where he currently ranks Benjamin Galindo with 336 games. He will compete for the position with Alan Mozo.

Summary: Puebla 1 (5) – (4) 1 Chivas | Repechage | BBVA MX League

For its part, Brizuela 32 years old, reached Chivas for the Clausura 2015 coming from Toluca and after spending a tournament with the rojinegros del Atlas. The ‘Cone’ is one of the players most identified with the fans and on several occasions he has mentioned that his idea is to retire with the jacket of the Sacred Flock. Details of the timing of the new contracts for both players were not disclosed.

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After the removal of Chivas in the playoff of Opening 2022the club announced that Jesus Molina and Miguel Ponce they were no longer part of the team when their contracts expired, so they became free agents to sign with another club.

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the sports director Ferdinand Iron and the coach Paunović They are in the analysis phase of the rest of the squad to determine the necessary movements for the Closure 2023 which will start in January. Chivas will report for medical examinations on November 14, and in the preseason they have planned a trip to Spain to measure themselves against Getafe and to Athletic Bilbao.

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