The 19-year-old Mexican promise that Bayern Munich follows closely

Mexico City /

42 kilometers from Culiacanthe state capital of Sinaloais located The saltya town with two main streets and no more than 2,400 inhabitants.

From that small town, divided by the international highway that connects to walnut trees, soundis original Manuel Trinidad Aguilara young man 19-year-old footballer who was elected for him Bayern Munich to be part of your program for the second time FC Bayern World Squadwhich is made up of 22 football promises from 17 countries.

What is Bayern Munich’s young player program like?

Players of USA, India, Croatia, Canada, Israel, Thailand, Argentina, Egyptto mention a few, participate in this recruitment program.

“I participated from the first edition, which was last year. The first trip was to Celaya and the second to Munich; Bayer approached Tigres and told them about the project and that they wanted a Mexican soccer player; that’s when some players sent videos, they interviewed us, they observe us and that’s how I joined this project”, counted Manuel in interview for halftime.

It is a pride; I come from a town, a ranch called El Saladois a town of 2 thousand people or less; From a very young age I have searched for this dream, there is still a long way to gobut grateful to tigers for the opportunity”.


In his record he appears as a soccer player tigersinstitution to which he arrived a year and a half ago, but His start in soccer was with Mineros de Zacatecasa club of the Expansion Leaguewho watched it and tested it during a tournament held in Mazatlanthe second largest city in Sinaloalocated 175 kilometers south of The salty.

I was in Mineros before for three and a half years and I am also grateful to them. At the age of 13 I was part of Mineros, I did not play professionally. Then I decided to look for a first division team and that’s when Tigres approached me. and they gave me the opportunity. It’s been three and a half years now.”

Manuel Trinidad first attended this program in 2021, where had the opportunity to play a game in Germany; for this year there were 22 players chosen to train with the guidance of Ze RobertBrazilian soccer player who had a professional career of 23 years with important clubs such as Bayern Munich Y real Madrid.

Since last year it is unbelievable, but seeing the support, one begins to believe it more and more every day; I am grateful and at some point if I get to play for Bayern or any other team it would be a dream for me came true. Bayern plays Champions, plays important tournaments and discipline is very important”.

And I add: “There is a lot of sacrifice, a lot of concentration in trainingthe base is very good. Any soccer player from America has the dream of playing in Europe”.

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