The first time we heard something from the platform Intel Sierra Forest-AP it was in April, where it was only known that the new socket would be used LGA7529, but now information of great relevance is known, such as that we would be facing some Intel Xeon processors that will offer a configuration of up to 128 cores.

Yes indeed, they will be cores of low energy consumption, for now known as E-Core (Efficient Core), which is basically the same strategy as AMD, since it will offer 128 cores and 256 threads through a new architecture called AMD Zen4c to a manufacturing process of 5nm from TSMC.

In essence, we are talking about an architecture specially designed for use in cloud computing thanks to to its low energy consumption design. In the case of Intel, it is unknown if Gracemont will remain or we will have a new low energy architecture.

Intel Efficient Core (E-Core) Architecture Design Available from Sierra Forest-AP

Best of all, while AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs (up to 96 Zen4 cores) and EPYC Bergamo (up to 128 Zen4c cores) will arrive in late 2022 or early 2023, Intel Sierra Forest-AP CPUs would arrive in 2023, so Intel has greatly reduced the existing gap and all this will be accompanied by its manufacturing process Intel 4, which would be comparable to TMSC 4nm, so the war in the server market will be fierce and Intel’s mission will be to regain its market share.

via: ProHardver | Hardwaretimes