The 12 Xiaomi smart TVs you can buy in 2022

And every year they add great releases to their catalog with notable improvements.

Xiaomi televisions are on everyone’s lips. Since she launched her first television a few years ago, tens of thousands have been the new users who enjoy a Xiaomi smart TV in the living room (or in any other room). They were born as low-cost smart televisions that began to compete in the mid-range for price and performance. We could place several of Xiaomi’s televisions among the best with integrated Android TV.

Today we are going to present you the Xiaomi smart TV models that you can buy currently on the market. We will base ourselves on the prices that we obtain from stores such as Amazon, PcComponentes or Xiaomi’s own official website. Having a good Xiaomi television is not complicated or expensive, but are they worth it? Are these smart TVs good? What apps can you offer us? Which Xiaomi TV should I buy this year?

Xiaomi smart TVs

Xiaomi smart TVs have become a reference in this segment of technology

How much is a Xiaomi TV worth?

Xiaomi TVs they have very different prices. Depending on the size and version of the smart TV you buy, they can cost you from less than 200 euros to more than 1,000 euros. you must look first what budget do you have for that and if you’re willing to shell out a bit more for a bigger, better model. We must also take into account the space it will occupy TV in our room. A TV for the kitchen or for the bedroom is not the same as one for the living room. Another issue is the distance from the place of viewing to the TV, a fact to be taken into account first of all.

How are Xiaomi televisions? Advantages and disadvantages

xiaomi tv p1

Xiaomi smart TVs accumulate sales and good opinions in the home multimedia sector

What holder of a 55-inch modelI have to say I haven’t had any problems so far. With everything it offers I can’t think of disadvantages of none of them. Perhaps the smallest model (32 inches) that only reaches 720p resolution. For everything else, they are highly recommended televisions by all their users, both for features and for price and connectivity. All of them have Android TV pre-installed, with a whole world of possibilities that this entails.

One of our editors (Bea) wanted to do her bit as a user of a Xiaomi smart TV, which is:

“In my case, I have been using the 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV P1 as a television in the living room for a few months. The truth is that the experience is positive, with good image and sound quality. What I value most is that it gives me quick access to apps like Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max or Disney+. Plus, having Google Assistant, I can ask it to open some of them just by using my voice. Lastly, having Android TV, I can use endless of apps by downloading them from the Google Play Store, including games.”

Which Xiaomi smart TV to buy in 2022?

Since there are so many models on the market, both current and some have been for sale for several years, we are going to try to offer you all that you can buy today. They will not follow a specific order, they will not be ordered from best to worst, or by price, but We will group them by the families that Xiaomi has been launching. As we have said before, these Xiaomi smart TVs they all turn out very well, and we do not recommend one over another. You will be the one to decide which one best suits your needs.

My LED TV 4S 43″, 55″ and 65″

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55

43 or 55 inches and 4K, you can’t ask for more on a smart TV with Android TV

These are the best-selling Xiaomi smart TVs on the market since they went on sale. They have a size quite adequate for any room in the house and a very high resolution. They have sound compatible with Dolby Audio and DTS-HD thanks to their two 8 and 10 W RMS speakers. They come with Android TV 9 pre-installed, as if it were an Android TV player, but without the device. Its resolution is 4K (UHD) and artificial intelligence will improve all the content you view, even if it is not native 4K. In his control we will have a microphone with which we will ask Google Assistant open apps or search for certain videos. They have a consumption of 85, 150 and 200 W turned on respectively. These models have an internal memory of 8GB and 2GB of RAMexcept for the 65-inch model that has 16 GB.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 43″ model: 959.6 (L) x 608.1 (H) x 208.3 (W) and 7.32 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 55″ model: 1231.6 (L) x 710.8 (H) x 262.4 (W) and 12.74 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 65″ model: 1449.3 (L) x 907 (H) x 318.8 (W) and 24 kg

Xiaomi TV P1E 43″ and 55″

Xiaomi TV P1E 43

Renewed model that caters to lower budgets

We continue with a family somewhat more advanced than the previous one, the P1E, of the same size, but with renewed technologies. These smart TVs from 42 and 55 inches They have a somewhat more powerful processor than the previous ones, reaching 1.5 GHz clock speed in its 4 cores. mount 2 x 10W RMS speakers on its sides that will make us vibrate with its compatibility with DTS-HD and Dolby Audio. Its viewing angle reaches 178º and this panel has a 8 bit color depth. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz, a standard in televisions in this price range. It can consume up to 85 and 150W of your contracted power.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 43″ model: 967 (L) x 612.8 (H) x 214.8 (W) and 7.2 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 55″ model: 1236 (L) x 771.2 (H) x 266.6 (W) and 11.7 kg

Xiaomi TV P1 32″, 43″, 50″ and 55″

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55 Television

The Xiaomi Mi TV P1 family has 4 well-differentiated models

We arrive at a series a tad higher than the previous one, and that improves certain aspects of the 4S and P1E family. These TVs feature 32-, 43-, 50-, and 55-inch 4K panels (720p on the 32-inch only) with VA technology. They also add 2 x 10W RMS speakers each (5 W x 2 in the 32″ model) on its base to enhance the DTS-HD and Dolby Audio sound with which they are compatible. Its HDR10 + and HLG technologies improve the image giving it a greater naturalness and shine suitable for low-light scenes. Its MediaTek 9611 quad-core processor and graphics chip won’t bat an eyelid with the better 4K content Let’s put it in front of you. It also increases the internal memory to 16 GB, (8 GB for the 32″ version) so that we can install all the apps and games that we want. Its energy consumption is only 45, 105, 125 and 150W.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 32″ model: 733 (L.) x 479 (H.) x 180 (W.) and 3.95 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 43″ model: 962 (L.) x 625 (H.) x 205 (W.) and 7.4 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 50″ model: 1117.2 (L) x 710.6 (H) x 276.8 (W) and 9.9 kg

  • Dimensions (in mm) 55″ model: 1234.9 (L) x 782.2 (H) x 285.3 (W) and 11.9 kg

Xiaomi TV Q1E 55″

Xiaomi TV Q1E 55

Xiaomi Smart TV with Samsung QLED technology that significantly improves its models

This is one of the most advanced in technology, since it has a 55-inch QLED-panel and 4K resolution. He is able to display up to 97% of color volume using image enhancement technologies HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision. It has a double speaker of 15 W each, Android TV in version 10.0, 2 GB of RAM to move all the content smoothly and with up to 32GB of storage internal you will count for everything you want to install. Its body is surrounded by metal, noting that we are facing a premium smart TV. Its energy consumption reaches 180W.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 55″ model: 1230.4 (L) x 767 (H) x 262 (W) and 14.6 kg

My TV 4A 32″

Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4A 32

Xiaomi’s smallest and best-selling smart TV

Without a doubt one of the Xiaomi smart televisions that more purchases has accumulated since its release on the market. And it is that she has suffered dozens of sales in various online stores that have put her on the way to thousands of homes. Is about the youngest of all familieshence it costs less. However, it has everything to consider it a smart TV. It has a 32-inch panel with 720p resolution, 2 x 5W RMS speakers each and connectivity at the height of the best, with USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi 5 or Bluetooth, among others. It has 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory for apps of all kinds and uses. Your electricity consumption goes up to 45W nothing more.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 32″ model: 733 (L.) x 479 (H.) x 180 (W.) and 3.95 kg

My TV Q1 75″

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75

Huge Xiaomi smart TV that will make you smile every time you turn it on

And we come to this monstrous television of 75 inches and QLED technology. She is one of the most beautiful of Xiaomi, with Android TV 10.0 inside, 120Hz refresh rate and almost non-existent frames on 3 sides. Its brilliance reaches 1,000 nits and the range of colors reaches 100% color volume represented. It is compatible with imaging technologies HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision. It has 2 speakers of 15 W RMS each with 2 tweeters and 4 woofers with support for Dolby Audio and DTS-HD. It contains 32 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM, to install everything you want and have several apps open at the same time without suffering hitches. Its energy consumption amounts to 360W.

  • Dimensions (in mm) 75″ model: 1673.5 (L) x 1029.9 (H) x 368.9 (W) and 33.3 kg

What applications do Xiaomi smart TVs have?

By carrying with you pre-installed as an operating system Android TV in its versions 9 and 10 (for the moment), you can install any app you want to use, from movie and series streaming platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Maxor music players like Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music, among others. In the same way, we can download certain files installers in .apk format from independent developers to install apps that are not available in the Google Play Store.

Everything depends on each user. I, for example, have all those video platforms installed, in addition to the MX Player Pro video player, radio player TuneIn Radio, the very YouTube or YouTube Kids for when my niece comes to visit. You have hundreds of apps available to download and try, as well as games to take advantage of the 4K of some models and the fluidity of others. Connect an Android compatible controller to the television and discover a new world of possibilities.

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