The 12 Guatemalans currently playing in Europe

The Guatemalan soccer is in the process of restructuring with a view to raising its level and fighting for a ticket to the 2026 World Cup. In addition, the work in lower divisions has begun to stand out and, for now, an interesting football future is in sight in this nation, although there is still much to do.

In the current season there is a large number of Guatemalan legionnaires, many of them standing out for their presence in European football and below we present the complete list.

Nicholas Hagen (Goalkeeper) | HamKam F.C. from Norway.

Jose Aguirre (Goalkeeper) | VfB Lübeck II, 5th division Germany.

Joel Balzer (Goalkeeper) | FC Weesen, Swiss 4th division.

Matan Peleg (Defense) | Hapoel Kfar Saba FC of Israel.

Javier Neruda (Defender) | Sokol Hostoun, 3rd division Czech Republic.

Juan Fratta (Defender) CD Toledo B, Spain.

Nicholas Rhodes (Defender) | Viveiro CF, Spain.

Marcelo Saraiva (Midfielder) | Nottingham Forest U23 from England.

André Solórzano (Midfielder) | Höttur/Huginn, 3rd division Iceland.

Manuel Castellanos (Midfielder) | Alcala FC, Spain.

Juan Marcos Ruiz (Midfielder) | Alcala FC, Spain.

Herson Carias (Forward) | Jeunesse Useldange FC, Luxembourg.

Some of these elements have already been considered in previous calls with the Guatemalan soccer team, while several more have dual nationality.

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