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There are days that are burned into our calendars, in our memory and, above all, on our skin. One of them is each November 25when commemorating the International Day against Gender Violence.

Every year, the streets of many cities around the world are filled with people who demonstrate against this scourge of society that, even today, continues to remain in our lives.

Though the fight against gender violence is a daily battle which is fought almost every hour, there are other ways to commemorate this important day of vindication and reflection. Going out is not the only way to raise our voice, as there are other ways to demonstrate, such as music with songs against sexist violence.

These are some inspirational phrases against gender violence many of them have been seen written on the banners:

Phrases of the International Day against Gender Violence

  • “I don’t want to feel brave when I go out, I want to feel free”
  • “Girls are warriors!”
  • “”We have come out feminist”. No, I have left you from the cage”
  • “When the whole world is silent, a single bos becomes powerful” (Malala Yousafzai)
  • “No means no”
  • “Your fight is my fight”
  • “In the face of atrocities we have to take sides. Silence stimulates the executioner” (Elie Wiesel)
  • “Calm down, sister. Here is your pack”
  • “You are not alone”
  • “I became a social fighter because I identify with my sisters, women, and, above all, because I believe in justice” (Elena Caffarena)
  • “My body doesn’t want your opinion”
  • “The amount of clothes I wear does not determine the amount of respect I deserve”
  • “Your fear of my freedom is called machismo”
  • “We are not hysterical, we are historical”
  • “Women who don’t conform to the system, who try to break accepted patterns, are stigmatized as weird or tomboyish” (Shirley Chisholm)
  • “The opposite of feminism is ignorance”
  • “I want to live without fear”
  • “The one next door is a partner, not a competition”
  • “The oppressor would not be so strong if he did not have accomplices among the oppressed themselves” (Simone de Beauvoir)
  • “Neither blows that hurt nor words that hurt”
  • “Woman had to be… the one who changed the world”
  • “A woman is not written in braille. You don’t need to touch her to know her”
  • “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent” (Isaac Asimov)
  • “Violence is a sign of weakness”
  • “For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free” (Rosa Luxemburg)
  • “Nobody asked me what my attacker was wearing”
  • “Be the woman you want to be”
  • “I decide when, where and with whom” (song The bad)
  • “We are the cry of those who no longer have a voice”
  • “With clothes or without clothes, my body is not touched”
  • “I rebel because I want to stay alive”
  • “How many silent women because not even they could, can or will be able to say: ‘This mouth is mine’, ‘this body is mine’, ‘this is what I think'” (Virginia Woolf)
  • “Happy will be the day that none is missing”
  • “I don’t know, Rick…it seems patriarchy”
  • “Break the silence. When you witness violence against women, do not sit idly by. Take action” (Ban Ki Moon)
  • “Machismo kills, feminism doesn’t”
  • “We have to go out to protect our bodies and our minds and not go out to do what the world wants us to do” (Simone Biles)
  • “We owe it to those who never came back”
  • “Let me be something other than a body”
  • “The woman is obliged to take freedom if they do not give it to her” (Federica Montseny)
  • “We had two options: be silent and die or speak and die. We decided to speak”
  • “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them”
  • “I am my own heroine”
  • “Sorority: bond of solidarity between women, especially in the face of patriarchal discrimination”
  • “You can stop women from voting, but you can’t stop them from thinking” (Emilia Pardo Bazán)
  • “Sister, I do believe you”
  • “Life is too short not to fly”
  • “I raise my voice, not to shout, but so that those who have no voice can be heard” (Malala Yousafzai)
  • “If you looked with our eyes you would scream!”
  • “If the present is struggle, the future will be life”
  • “The fight against machismo begins with female mutual support” (Marcela Lagarde)
  • “Whoever does not move does not feel the chains” (Rosa Luxemburg)
  • “It’s not you, it’s me, who does not accept any form of abuse”
  • “Freedom is learned by exercising it” (Clara Campoamor)
  • “A murdered woman is more annoying than a thousand murdered”
  • “Rapists existed before miniskirts”
  • “You should never be afraid of what you are doing when it is right” (Rosa Parks)
  • “They wanted to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds”
  • “Let nothing define us, let nothing hold us down. Let freedom be our own substance” (Simone de Beauvoir)
  • “Á(r)mate, woman. The (r)evolution begins”
  • “I never felt alone because we were together”
  • “Where there is no fight, there is no strength” (Oprah Winfrey)
  • “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s the power of using my voice” (Michelle Obama)
  • “The most common way to give up power is by thinking that we don’t have it” (Alice Walker)
  • “My silence did not protect me. Your silence will not protect you” (Audre Lorde)
  • “We all have a marked wound when a woman is mistreated”
  • “I will not be a free woman while there are still subjected women”
  • “Feminism is the radical idea that women are worth the same as men”
  • “I refuse to act the way men want me to act” (Madonna)
  • “To be able to say “Not one less” we must stop encouraging defenseless princesses and saving heroes”
  • “If you educate us the same, we will be the same”
  • “The length of my skirt doesn’t tell you yes”
  • “”No” is a complete sentence”
  • “If all men are born free, why are women born slaves?” (Mary Astel)
  • “Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but are socially constructed” (Judith Butler)
  • “The question is not who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me” (Amy Schummer)
  • “If you give me a choice, I’ll stay with me”
  • “The fear of the woman to the violence of the man is the mirror of the fear of the man to the woman without fear” (Eduardo Galeano)
  • “Love yourself in revolutionary”
  • “Walling up your own suffering is risking it devouring you from the inside” (Frida Kahlo)
  • “The bravest act is to think for yourself, out loud” (Coco Chanel)
  • “Only rebellious women make history”
  • “I am a woman of wings, not of cages”
  • “All we need is for them to take away the ‘bailao'”
  • “They took everything from us, even fear”
  • “We stop so that you stop to think”
  • “The fault was not mine, nor where I was, nor how I dressed. The rapist is you”
  • “Neither the land nor the women are territories of conquest”
  • “If you fight you can lose, if you don’t fight, you are lost”
  • “If you do not understand the reason for this fight, it is because you are part of the problem”
  • “Feminism is a way of living individually and fighting collectively” (Simone de Beauvoir)
  • “We are the generation of brave people who do not remain silent in the face of fear”
  • “Women have been educated by Disney to be dumbed down” (Moderna de Pueblo)
  • “Ignorance of their own history of struggles and achievements has been one of the main ways of keeping women subservient” (Gerda Lerner)
  • “Machismo kills, feminism saves lives” (Ana Bernal-Triviño)
  • “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” (Hillary Clinton)
  • “Men: I want to take this opportunity to extend a formal invitation to you, gender equality is also your business” (Emma Watson)
  • “We cannot all advance if half of us are left behind” (Malala Yousafzai)
  • “There is violence when we use a degrading word, when we make gestures to denigrate another person, when we obey because there is fear. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper” (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

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