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Mexico left the World Cup with a tremendous failure on the slopes that must shake the structure of our football. The Tata Martino is no longer the national coach and the search for a new manager of the bench begins. One of the names that sounds the most is Miguel Herrerawho was already with El Tri in the 2014 World Cup, but Luis García is strongly opposed.

With a stormy past between Piojo, Christian Martinoli and Doctor García Due to the well-known incident in 2015 at an airport in the United States, David Faitelson’s information about the “imminent” return of Herrera to Tricolor generated a controversial statement of the former player of Pumas and Atlético de Madrid, among others.

We are going to ask that at least they have finished primary school, please. We cannot lower Martino’s racer (as a person) that is here (above) and now they want to lower it to here. Martino can be questioned on court issues, but his quality as a person is impeccable, “García mentioned in one of the special programs that he carries out together with Faitelson, Martinoli and José Ramón Fernández from Qatar.

The comment generated laughter from the rest of the panelists, while Faitelson told them that “it is more than likely” that Miguel Ernesto Herrera Aguirre will be the national coach again. In another broadcast of the program, David even joked with them by saying: “I recommend that you avoid traveling in airports, better take the train.”

The fight between Martinoli and Miguel Herrera

After the 2015 Gold Cup played in the American Union, the then coach of the Mexican National Team, Miguel Herrera, assaulted Christian Martinoli at an airport when you are in the baggage check-in line, with El Piojo rebuking the TV Azteca narrator so that they “settled like men” their differences.

Herrera accused that Martinoli “messed with his family” on repeated occasions during his narrations, although the rapporteur has denied it and has even said that he invites anyone to present a video of his comments so that El Piojo supports said statement.

In that incident that cost him the position of helmsman of the Tri, The daughter of Piojo Herrera also went to blows against Luis García, Martinoli’s partner on TV Azteca and who tried to mediate the situation. Since then, commentators have shown an “anti-Louse” stanceespecially about his possible return to the National Team.

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