That one of the best PS3 games is not on PS Plus Premium breaks my heart

Motorstorm has never received a fair deal on PlayStation. Its developers, Evolution Studios, now at Codemasters, managed in 2006 to create what was probably one of the first great successes of PlayStation 3. What secrets was hidden behind gasoline, mud and burning rubber?

In 2007, I was still far from beginning my journey in the gaming press in earnest: I was just a proud Xbox 360 user who knew I had no reason to buy a launch PlayStation 3. being frank, I was neither seduced by the initial catalog of the console nor did I have 600 euros, Sure. Resistance, for example, fell far short of Gears of War or the coveted Halo 3; I had already played third party games on 360 and the backward compatibility of PS2 and PS1 still didn’t seem that important to me (“I’ll buy a backward compatible PS3 in a few years”, young Toni mistakenly thought). However, there was a game that It wasn’t on my radar and raised an eyebrow when I played my first game with Sixaxis.: It was about Motorstorm.

Evolution Studios’ Motorstorm had some classic 90s arcade driving that we haven’t seen in years. It was simple, direct and intuitive: off-road vehicles of all kinds, a race in a hellish desert and all kinds of paths and possibilities when it comes to achieving the single and simple objective proposed by the developers: come first. Perhaps I miss the flavor of simplicity and functionality, which is why I remembered the software a few days after the first list of games planned for Sony’s PlayStation Plus Premium service and slam your absence for now. Yes, there is the RC and Apocalypse, but I want to face the first one again.

I think that what captivated me about Motorstorm in my first games was the feeling of replaying a game from my childhood that did not have the success that I certainly think it deserved: Motocross Madness from Microsoft Game Studios. You probably won’t remember it, but it was a motorcycle game in which players chose a motorcycle and raced through the desert. The mechanics were simple: follow the arrow that indicated the next checkpoint and beat your rivals in huge races. I remember walking through its dunes on a stage that seemed endless. All pure fantasy: neither the desert was as big nor the game as varied as it seemed.

That one of the best PS3 games is not on PS Plus Premium breaks my heart

But no matter: Motorstorm brought me back to the desert of Motocross Madness again. Yes, the freedom was not as marked as that of the unknown motorcycle game from Microsoft, but yes he transported me to the boats through the dunes, to regulate the jumps to guarantee the best top speed and to quickly manage every decision made regarding the use of the turbo so as not to explode with emotion and blow the pieces of the car through the mud. It also seemed to me the first real example of what the Cell chip could do in the new generation of PlayStation. The sound of the limping engine, the rawness of the crashes and the bullet time while the cars are dismantled and the pilots went flying through the air.

Today’s driving experiences are too focused on car porn and explorationIt was rewarding to race around each of the Motorstorm tracks and smear the screen at top speed.. I miss experiences like this. What I am going to say to lovers of the purest driving may seem silly to you, but I believe that current driving experiences focus too much on car porn and banal exploration. The ability to get inside a car and check the recreation of each of the seats and elements of a car is wonderful for motor lovers; being able to look for hidden road signs is great for trophy hunters and achievements, but I’d like to go back to the days of Motorstorm where one race took you to another without Perico de los Palotes telling you how cool the Horizon festival is being shift. Driving for driving, playing for playing.

I don’t ask much of PlayStation Plus Premium, but I do ask that streaming MotorStorm do not suppose a problem to enjoy it as I did in its day. I hope for a peaceful reunion, I am sure that time has passed wonderfully by the software and that it will captivate me again at its controls. It wasn’t the best, but it didn’t pretend to be either: it just ended up being unforgettable for many of us who ended up enjoying PlayStation 3… although the premiere and Lair were somewhat murky.

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