Thanh Tram Hanh is predicted to be as hot as Truong Tuong Tu, not without reason.

Thanh Tram Hanh It is one of the ancient Chinese screen projects with large S+ grade investment. With a full cast like Ngo Diep Pham, Duong Tu… and an engaging script, the film is expected to be violent. However, before going on the air, Ngo Diep Pham got into an emotional scandal and was forced to go to court. Thanh Tram Hanh covered indefinitely.

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Recently, there have been many rumors on social media confirming that Duong Tu will be returning soon. Thanh Tram Hanh in early September. Lam Canh Tan will replace Ngo Diep Pham.

Can Lam Canh Tan replace Ngo Dich Pham with Duong Tu in the film?

Prior to this information, netizens were optimistic about the possibility of the film airing. Even to think that Thanh Tram Hanh can be equally hot mutual school. Both of these historical sets feature female protagonists: one female and three males. Not to mention the script Thanh Tram Hanh very attractive, new, has a large number of fans of the original. It can be seen that the production team put a lot of money, time and hope into the film, so they decided to find a replacement actor in order to be able to go on the air.

The actor changed his life by playing
Thanh Tram can be as hot as Tuong Tuong Tu.

Thanh Tram Hanh Screen adaptation of Chau Van Wang’s novel Trung Luk Tram. The film revolves around the life of a female eunuch, Hoang Tu Ha, in the middle of a secret palace. Prince Ha, having gone through love and hate, unexpectedly filmed the shocking and heartbreaking case of the Dai Duong dynasty in the same year.

Thanh Tram Hanh": Showing the first poster, Duong Tu shows a beautiful woman in a white shirt, Ngo Diep Pham is brave.

The film marks a collaboration between media and film giants Tencent Penguin Pictures, Phoenix Linkage Pictures and Tan Le Media, which is expected to take only almost a month to return and will be airing soon.

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A series of secondary roles is more “quality” than the main ones: Duong Tu, Bach Lok surpassed everyone.

Evidence that the crew hated Vuong Chu Nien and advised to explore Le Dinh.

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