Testing a new color scheme for Google Maps is very similar to Apple Maps.

The familiar Google Maps interface may soon look a little different. 9to5Google reports that Google is testing an overhaul of the default map layer with a new color scheme.

The new color scheme is more like Apple Maps. Today, Google Maps has a gray background for wild roads and white roads, but in this new version, the background for wild roads and dark gray roads is off-white, just like in Apple Maps. This change makes a lot of sense: the gray color is much closer to the actual color of the road, and the darker color makes the roads stand out on the map. All colors are significantly altered, although the blue water is much lighter. The green forest is darker. Major highways are now a darker gray than normal roads instead of bright yellow.


Navigation mode also uses a new color scheme with a dark green heading and a dark blue current route. Previously, navigation used the colors of the Google logo: Green Google was the title, red was the location label, and blue, yellow, or red was the route depending on traffic. The new design is quieter.

The new look hasn’t been unveiled yet, and we’re not even sure if this is a one-time test or a glimpse into the future of Google Maps. In 2020, Maps got its last major color overhaul, and before that, it had its last major redesign. In 2017. So, from the point of view of big tech designers who always have to redo everything every few years, maybe now is the time.

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