Tesla finds himself in a situation that he has never experienced. And he’s facing her like he swore he wouldn’t

The last quarter of the year is getting complicated for Tesla. The electric car company was sure that it could get close (and very close) to half a million units delivered in the last quarter of 2022. But the latest movements indicate that it is desperately fighting to meet the objectives. The solution: contradict yourself.

an excessive growth. Tesla’s production rate and deliveries have skyrocketed in just over a year. The operation of Giga Berlin, along with one of its most advanced machines, and Giga Texas has been noted in the company’s delivery and production accounts.

Last year, Tesla built 930,442 cars and delivered about 6,000 more. At the end of the previous quarter, it had practically matched that figure (it closed with 929,910 cars produced). To get a better idea, Tesla produced 180,338 units and delivered 182,780 vehicles in the first quarter of 2021.

500,000 vehicles. In the third quarter of 2022, the electric vehicle company delivered 343,830 units. A growth of 188% in just a year and a half. But Tesla’s goal was even more ambitious: to deliver half a million units in the last quarter of 2022 and stand at 1.59 million units delivered in the accumulated first three quarters of 2023.

Some figures that are now in question. Despite the fact that Tesla’s growth is dazzling, already in the third quarter it fell some 15,000 units below what some analysts expected of it. Tesla’s latest movements in the US market seem to indicate that, although the company will reach a new delivery record or stay very close, it will not achieve the expected numbers.

Up to $7,500 off. Barely a few days have passed since Tesla offered discounts of $3,750 on the purchase of its cars. The movement was surprising because, until now, Tesla had not been able to cover all the demand that existed in the market. In fact, in Spain the queues were so long that up to 11,000 euros were paid to skip it.

However, we now know that Tesla is already offering discounts as high as $7,500. A decision that confirms what some analysts were already anticipating: the demand for Tesla vehicles is in decline. The problem seems to be the long wait times, which are causing numerous cancellations.

a desperate measure. The decision to make aggressive discounts is a first for the company and a decision that Elon Musk has rejected in other difficult economic times. In 2016, with the automobile sector making the biggest discounts since the years of the 2008 crisis, the creator of Tesla insisted on the importance of maintaining its sales prices and not falling into discounts to achieve sales figures.

At that time, analysts were already pointing out that the demand for $100,000 vehicles was not unlimited and that the company would have to play this game if it wanted to continue growing. Six years later, Elon Musk faces the same doubts as then, but yes, he has on his back that he won that battle. In 2016, quarterly deliveries were barely around 20,000 cars and, despite everything, they were 90% higher than the previous year. Today it delivers 171 times that amount.

Tesla has managed to prevail in the electric car market, but it still faces a great challenge: failures

Recession or supply chain. The question is whether Tesla faces a drop in demand for vehicles as a result of the break in the supply chain or faces a decline in demand for its (some very expensive) vehicles. Elon Musk pointed to this problem a long time ago to justify the delays of his two most anticipated models.

In Reuters, however, they point out that the hints of recession and high interest rates are plummeting the purchase and demand for vehicles in the United States and Tesla would not be an exception to the rule. From Subaru, however, they do not see it in the same way and assure that, even if demand falls, this should not affect deliveries, since it only reduces the excess of the same over production.

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