Tesla customers report their newly purchased cars lack USB ports


Nov 15, 2021 02:09 GMT

The company pointed to the global shortage of chips as the factor that caused the problem.

Tesla customers recently denounced that units of the Model 3s and Model Ys models are being sold without USB ports, among other defects, according to the Electrek portal after reviewing user complaints in forums.

The company pointed to the global shortage of chips as the factor that caused the problem.

The media says that the reports on this damage began with cars delivered on November 11. Most of the defective cars lack the connectors in the center console, while there was at least one report about their lack in the rear seats. Also, some of the vehicles do not have wireless charging.

Elon Musk comments on Tesla's biggest competitor

“I got my 2022 Model 3 yesterday. I noticed that wireless charging was not working, and then I discovered that the USB-C ports were also missing from the front center console (the rear USB-C is still there and works). Today I have called the helpdesk and they informed me that are aware of this problem. Due to the shortage of USB chips, new cars are coming out without the USB-C center console, so wireless charging also does not work, “related a Reddit user.

Although in some cases the company gave advance notice to future owners about the missing parts, others they were caught by surprise and they only found out after receiving the car, reading a material about it or calling Tesla service.

Those who contacted the manufacturer were assured they could book an appointment for December so that they installed the missing USB ports. However, Electrek emphasizes that this montage could be delayed.

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