Terminal 4 suffered ‘unprecedented breakdown’, ‘disturbance’ and ‘significant delays’

If you were planning to fly out of Terminal 4 of Paris-Orly Airport, be careful. The terminal’s baggage handling system has been out of order since Thursday morning, leading to “confusion” and “significant delays” on departures, with the start signal for the July-Augustinian crossover due in a few hours.

This malfunction, already noted at the beginning of the work before dawn, was still “not identified and not repaired” at the beginning of the day, according to an inside source, while the Groupe ADP airport manager mentioned an “unprecedented breakdown”. and assured that the technical teams are working hard.

These breakdowns affected “about 10,000 passengers”.

“About 10,000 passengers” traveling on 40 flights were affected, according to airport manager Groupe ADP, who spoke of the “unprecedented breakdown” and assured that technical crews were hard at work.

“Current failure in the baggage handling system in Orly 4,” ADP explained in a Twitter post, renaming X, specifying that other Orly terminals were not affected. T4 welcomes companies operating overseas or in foreign countries. Among “all flights departing from T4 since this morning, many are late, significant delays, for an hour or more,” an airport source explained.

“All luggage is not being processed as quickly as it should be because the vast majority are being processed manually,” she added. Consequence: “a lot of luggage is stored, passengers leave, but no luggage.”

Planes left without checked baggage

The Air Caraïbes and French Bee planes were due to take off on Thursday without checked baggage, Marc Roche, the head of the two companies, told AFP, citing the “critical situation.” He estimates the take-off delay of his planes “between one and three hours.” As for luggage left in Orly, “we will be forced to redirect it within 24 hours and we already apologize to our customers,” Marc Roche added.

Even if all available teams are mobilized to adapt the system and minimize disruptions, “the failure of the baggage carousel should not block the important French Orly airport,” he said, still regretting.

According to the ADP, “palliative decisions have been made in cooperation with companies and helpers, such as delaying flights to Orly 1, 2 and 3.” “Some flights can also be transferred to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport” north of the capital, the manager said.

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