Tencent analyzes three ways to enter the metaverse, including video games

So reaching the metaverse through the video game industry seems like an option for the Chinese giant. In fact, Fortnite and Roblox can currently be considered as small metaverses that Tencent has endorsed, due to the strategic value that they represent.

It is worth mentioning that in these virtual experiences, haute couture brands have already begun to sell their products to dress the avatars of players, which speaks of a very relevant business opportunity for different industries focused on entertainment.

A second way for Tencent to join the metaverse would be a social network that is “gamified and supports much more programmable experiences,” Lau said. In this sense, James Mitchell, director of strategy at Tencent, stressed that a set of technological tools are needed to make a metaverse work from a social network, which they have not been able to solve from Meta or Snap either.

On the other hand, the executives highlighted that another path towards the metaverse could occur in “real world experiences, but enhanced by augmented reality and virtual reality,” said Martin Lau, who did not say a period to materialize his vision, but admitted that “it will probably take longer than people expect and will surely need several iterations.”

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