Ten Hag stunned, a world top

We no longer know how many chapters we have written and lived in the mess between Cristiano Ronaldo and the Manchester Utdbetween the Portuguese crack, his still current coach, Erik tenhag, and his interview with Piers Morgan, but what is clear is that there are still quite a few to count and that many others that have been predicted may not be entirely neat, such as the one that relates the Portugal captain to the Bayern Munichwho is still weighing the opportunity to win an important goal-scoring resource at a reasonable price in the near future.

Yes, it is true that Bayern have a very difficult time signing the veteran scorer but not impossible, and that It is the great novelty that places the spotlight on Jorge Mendes, the footballer’s agent, who could once again work his magic to find a match that was thought unthinkable, and on a CR7 who could get away with all this mess.: I could arrive in January, in the middle of the market, at a club top with options to win the Champions League and would play in one of the big leagues, the bundesliga, which remain to be disputed; all this with serious options to fish for more titles.

That’s how he tells it Mirrorwhich certifies that Bayern and CR7 have a difficult time meeting but not impossible, since the managers of the German club are considering this strategic turn in the winter transfer market. Apparently, Mendes is not asking for much: a very low contract, only until January and the promise of a goalscorer who will cause few problems. The latter is what raises doubts in Germany, given the ego of United’s 7, but it is true that the proposal is attractive in certain terms.

The first one in the image and the merchandisingwhich would be huge for Bayern and for the captain of Portugal, but the goal issue that worries so much can also be resolved Julian Nagelsman after Robert Lewandowski’s departure from the Allianz Arena.

Later, once the season is over, CR7 would have the option of staying or leaving, in the opinion of the German club, which would imply ensuring at least the instinct of one of the best scorers for the Bavarian entity, in case the market does not go well. As we say, the signing of Cr7 by Bayern is complicated, very difficult but not impossible.

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